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77379: Dracolisk

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Before tackling another bust, I wanted a pallet cleanser of a miniature to paint.  I find it much easier to go looser and not care as much with bones figures.  So I dug through the bones yard to see what I could find.  I pulled out the Dracolisk, which is a cool sculpt and a very crisp cast for bones.  I cut off the worst of the  mold lines and made a quick base out of a chunk of pine and milliput.  I wrap it in blue painters tape to keep it from getting crud or paint on it as I plan on a natural finish for the wood.  




Then on to planning my colors.  I decided I wanted to do two things, use a very saturated shadow and paint it green.  First I pulled out my first colors (Vallejo flat green, reaper ghost white and reaper ultramarine shadow) and then made some decisions on the other colors.  Red eyes, it's a cheap trick to use complements but a good one, throw in a purple scale here and there for a neat accent, something fleshy for the wings and something to paint teeth and spines with.  I grabbed clear red and clear green out (clear red over green is a "cheat" to smooth rough blends) , my 'ard coat and matte medium.  I'll stick to these colors for the piece but may bring in some others for the base.  While writing this post I slapped some thinned white on the mini to give the surface some tooth.


Next I diagramed out my colors just to check to see if there are any weird results or if it just doesn't look good.


Now, on to the painting.  Face first to set the tone....

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Velkommen Tilbakke !!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Missed seeing you here.  So glad that you are back, and right into

a painting exercise.  Can't wait to see what you do !!!

So glad you are among us again.


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Squirt out some colors!


I made a dark green and turned it into a wash to define the details.


Then I washed in some of the ultramarine shadow which is my "black" on this piece.  An easy way to get unified looking color schemes is to use common highlight and shadow colors across the whole piece.



Then I worked in the greens and painted the eyes red.


Then the final highlights on the greens



It occurred to me early in the painting process that he had a fringe around his head that he could extend.  I had not planned this but I had already selected an accent color and so I decided it would be an excellent use for it.


Now I squirted out color for the teeth, finishing the eyes and highlighting his fringe.


And got to work.....


A nice afternoon painting while the baby napped.

24 minutes ago, Jasonator said:


Velkommen Tilbakke !!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Missed seeing you here.  So glad that you are back, and right into

a painting exercise.  Can't wait to see what you do !!!

So glad you are among us again.


Thanks!  I have a new baby and in a strange reverse I now have time to paint!

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First a drop of the black stuff to relax a bit....IMG_20180509_195500331_HDR.thumb.jpg.4d37eb3763d7a22418991ee4377ea64f.jpg

I had an idea due to how the wash pooled up under his chin that maybe this guy has a blue throat that fades into his green scales, so I am going to give that a try


Get out my colors.....


And lay down a base coat


This ultramarine shade is a gorgeous color.  I'm going to have to remember it when I paint blue in the future.


Now to highlight......


And get ready to fade it to green, starting with a dark green mixed with the base blue.



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Now painting in the scales around the blue in a 50 50 mix.  This looks ugly but I think it'll be ok when I blend it with glazes.


Next I'll define the green scales


And then I'll start glazing green and blue in the transition


Lastly I'll rehighlight it because the glazes have dulled the contrast.



Last a glaze of clear green


I'm loving it.  A good night painting :)


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Today I worked from home and it was stupendously slow so I'm going to take you on a long and boring journey.







And scales.


Still scales


That last step is magic, just a very thin wash of clear green.


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