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Silver Anniversary Miniatures

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Not exactly painted, but I thought it would be fun to show off my silver anniversary miniatures shadow box....




During each month of 2017 I purchased the required amount and collected all the freebie limited edition anniversary miniatures.  I really liked the black/silver packaging and had them all displayed sitting on a shelf.  I thought I'd give the idea of putting them in a shadow box a try and it's now a cool addition to the office/hobby room in the house.




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That IS very cool.

And a much better place for keeping unpainted minis than hidden away in storage shelves and boxes.


Plus it has the added benefit of providing you with an excuse on why your minis are unpainted.


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Kangaroorex - I have a giant cabinet also!!  LOL - see this post: http://minipaint.blogspot.com/2018/01/hobby-desk-and-stynylrez-primer.html


However.... that's a great question I've been thinking long and hard about.  I have soooo many unpainted miniatures I've collected over the past 19 years - crates of metal and three bones kickstarters (soon to be a fourth).  I also only have one of each model (except Darius).  However, call it a desire for more pain/punishment, lol, but I've thought of jumping onto ebay and picking up a couple of them to bump to the top of the paint queue.  They're all great, but Ridolfi's Grim Reaper, Guthrie's High Mage, Jackson's Wizard with the mouse on the book, and Wiebe's Dwarf really get me itching to put paint on metal.  If I did pick up a second copy of those my thought would be to put the painted version on the bottom of the shadow box lined up in a row by month - I can put a little bit of tacky poster putty on the bottom to make sure they don't move around if the frame was to get bumped.


I do happen to have a second and a third of Darius the Blue (that's the wizard with the mouse on the book) - that month I purchased a bunch of Pathfinder hook mountain ogres for our Pathfinder Rise of the Runelords game and received three copies of the freebie - I'd probably be willing to trade the third one if someone's got an extra of any of the other anniversary editions - particularly if you live in the Austin area and can meet up at one of the local game stores (message me directly).





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Oh, another thought as a tangent to this project.... I'm such a glutton for pain as I really don't need more miniatures (according to my wife), but for years I've been thinking about picking up the twelve children of the zodiac series.  Those are the twelve models that have the curved bases that fit together into a circle (http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/zodiac).  After doing the shadow box for the anniversary editions, and I really like how that turned out, I can see doing some sort of acrylic display case?  I'd have to figure out how big the display case would have to be and then what's out there either from a hobby lobby / michael's or some sort of acrylics internet vendor.  If someone has done that sort of project or knows someone who has and posted on a forum or blog, then point me in their direction as I'd love to see their experience in what they did.  Alternatively, I could use the same shadow box and pick up some thin mdf boards to make three shelves within the box - paint them black and then put the painted models on the shelf in the same four models to a row matrix.  

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