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any news on the infantry game?

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Hello all...


Just wondering if there has been an update to this infantry game I keep hearing out. I heard about it back in March 2003 from a reaper employee at GAMA who told me mini's would be comming out in fall 2003 but I've seen nothing yet.


The mil-net contest doesn't look to promising either. Is the project still on or has it been scraped? I for one would really love to see reaper sci-fi mini's running around on my tabletop.

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AICOM is the working title, some others i know have been bantered aroudn but I don't think anyone of them is offical.


It should be allot of fun when it hits the shelves and as a side benifit were gona get some cool future/modern mini's to play with as well.


Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton

Dallas Texas

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