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May-be I should finish some of these...

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In accordance with the title of May's hobby goal section, and getting a bit bored with using the same colors over and over, I decided to open up the Box of Waiting and found these....


(back left corner) 2 Wizkids Blink Hounds

(back to us as NSFW) Vampire with Victim

(big guy in the back) Dungeon Saga Zombie Ogre Wizard

(in front of Zombie Ogre) Dungeon Saga Necromancer

(right of Zombie Ogre) 2 Wizkids Ghouls

(right of Ghouls) Female Wraith from Graveyard Expansion

(next to Necromancer) Undead Wolf from Graveyard Expansion

(next to Wolf) Female Mad Scientist

(next to Mad Scientist) Stone

(next to Stone) Reaper WW2 Zombie German

(last on right) Orc from Learn to Paint kit

(front rank) various Mousings from the Tavern Set and Thankgiving and Christmas Mouslings.

There's more, but this is everything that has had more than priming applied. 


First up was the Female Mad Scientist, who was one of the first minis I bought when I got back into the hobby. I started on her not long before I left Austin, and while I was happy with how most of her came out, I got a bit lost in what to do with her base. Her weapon and smiting glove were also unfinished. There's a touch up on her face from where she got chipped in transit, but the patch doesn't seem to show in pictures. (yay!)


I got her weapons finished, a bit of purple on her hat ribbon, and the beginings of her base.


The wraith, wolf, and ghouls received a coat of black wash over the parts that were already gray, and the wraith and wolf got further applications of Storm Gray. The skin on the ghouls was a base of Vampire Skin washed with Rainy Gray. Now that I have the rest of the triad, I can start getting them highlighted.

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Due to a shaky hand, I didn't want to attempt too much, so the wolf got a drybrush of Rainy Gray and a bit of Linen White. The bones were done in Dirty Bone.


I'll have to go over parts of him again as I encountered several mold lines that I'd previously missed. The wraith got a layer of Rainy Gray applied, which I'll probably tone down a bit with a Stormy Gray wash.



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As I once herd in both the erly and late magnificent seven ... so far so good ... though I don't recall it from the seven samurai ... yet still ... so far so good.



P.S. stay away from 5th story roofs ... and paint on .

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The wraith was toned down with a wash of Stormy Gray and Brown wash to the wolf's bones. On a whim, I heavily watered down the brown wash and applied it to the wraith. I'm rather happy with it.


After giving it some thought I decided that the Rainy Gray was too subtle and gave the ghouls the Stormy Gray wash too.


It had mixed results, but at least now I can see what I'm doing.


The wolf, being the simplest, was finished except for his base.


The muscles were based in Red Gore, and the skin in Buckskin Pale. I then gave both a wash of Druchii Purple.


I added black to the tip of his snout for a nose and dabbed a bit in the eye sockets.


The muscles got a highlight of Fresh Blood, The skin with thinned Buckskin Pale. Fresh Blood and Red Ink was used for his tongue, and the rest of his mouth was black with the teeth picked out as best I could with Linen White. I also blocked out his eyes with it then glazed with Copper Verdigris, giving them a nice glowing effect and tying him in with the wraith. The base was done in Steel Legion Drab and brown wash. Now all he needs is some sealer and flock.


His left eye is a bit off, but being a zombie, it doesn't matter all that much. 


This is one of the times I must admit the mold lines won. But the important thing is that he's more or less done!

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And once again....I wind up putting off the Shelf of Hope minis when a new project presents itself!

I have come to the conclusion that there are certain figures that I will be painting again and again until the end of time. Namely the Bones Mouslings and several of Reaper's pirate minis. The reason being Mousmings are perfect gifts, and I keep encountering people who resemble the pirates enough that they're basically a mini-me version of them. Again, perfect gifts.

So this is the 2nd time I'm painting Finaela, and she's coming out suprisingly well.


This was the first time I've attempted the "Bette Davis Eyes" method, and while there's room for improvement, I'm very happy with it. The boots were based black then had a Dragon Blue/Black mix added, then pants were glazed with Stormy Grey, both then subjected to black wash. Thus solving the dilemma of what to do with two black clothing items side by side.


I haven't touched her hair yet, but I have until Tuesday to get her done, so I'm not too worried about it.


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Target reacquired. 

The one on the left has has both Vampire Shadow and a highlight of Vampire Skin, whereas the one on the right only has the Shadow thus far. 

I decided to get the grays out of the way before finishing the skin, so a mix of Stormy and Rainy Grays went on the skirt of one and the wraps on the other.



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Harvest Brown and Brown Wash applied. The Gray skirt and wraps had a tint of Brown Wash as well, to try and keep them from blending into the skin. It sort of worked. 


Went over the wraps with Black Wash and dabbed Buckskin Pale on the belts.  The wraps are beginning to annoy me, so I'll do one more highlight on them and move on.


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I'm still not entirely happy with the wraps, but that's balanced out by the fact their eyes came out better than I expected. A few details and some highlights on the skin, and they'll be done.


"Is that...a Dorito? I'll hold off from eating you if you hand over the Dorito!"


"No not the Brown Wash again!"

Ok, they're talking back, it's time to attempt sleep.

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The ghouls both have Vampire Skin highlights, and a bit of red wash applied to the tongues. The wraith has turned into something of a speed paint. She was highlighted with Linen White. I debated going over her again with Pure White...but the goal is to get these done by 7am. The ghouls just need a last touch up of Vampire Highlight and they should be good.


Fineala, aka Pirate Riley is coming along well, and I just now noticed that the top of her belt bottle seems to be missing. No idea how that might have happened but pushing onward anyway after First Breakfast.

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All of the first batch are done! Now on to the next...


The Blink dogs already have a mix of Pure Black and Stormy Gray on them, but it doesn't seem to be visible.

Vermina's skin is more or less done and her coat is basecoated in Ebony Flesh.

Stone's skin is a combination of Vampire skin and Sepia Liner...I think. It's been awhile.

Usher, vampire with victim had his cloak based in Coal Black, his skin with Frosty Blue. Victim's skin is Pale Flesh. I added a blue tac modesty curtain to her so hopefully I can post progress on them. 

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When I got the Blink Dogs I was unaware that they were Lawful Good. They reminded me of the legends of Black Schuck, so that determined their color scheme.

In any case, they're coming along rather quickly.


Their fur was highlighted with a 2:1 mix of Stormy and Rainy Gray. The claws and teeth are Dirty Bone.



The eyes and flame are done in Hearth Fire, the bases with Steel Legion Drab. The flames are showing up with much more hue in the photos than in life.



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The binge continues...


Stone's vest got coated in Red Gore and his pants in a Stormy Gray/Pure Black mix. I mixed a Rainy Gray/Linen White and highlighted his hair.


I've spent the last few hours on mixing pale skin tones on Usher's victim. Also got her hair based in using Auburn Shadow. No pics as yet, I'm going to get her finished and sealed so the modesty curtain can be reattached. Which will likely wait till later as I just realized I've put in a little under 12 hours on these so far. I'd continue but my hand is getting a bit shaky.


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