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    • By Ludo
      Only 359 more days till the Meet and Greet!!!
      Per the magnet from the swag bag, ReaperCon 2016 is April 28-May1.
      (Like most timey wimey physics type sciences, this is is only an approximate time frame and may be subject to but not exclusive the following conditions: The chance the hotel might lose the reservation. Important holy days on the Space Calendar, Quantum Mechanix,  Faster than light travel, Goblin invasions, Paint shortages, Bones III release announcements, Brian's hat achieving world domination,  Ryan Reynolds announces that he is Deadpool in real life, Pingo licks a brush, Chitauri invasion,   Soonâ„¢)
      Goals for me for next year:
      Enter a piece into painters worthy of 3 bronze votes 
      Take Teh Girlfriend
      Custom ribbons
      Run late night survival speed paint
      Build an orphanage for all my excess dice. (I gave away lots this year but I still came home with at least a pound of excess)
      Hang out with Doc Bedlam for at least an hour. 
      Bonus Goal(s):
      Enter a piece into each of the paint contest
    • By Qwyksilver
      Welcome to the House Procrastius Common Room.

      House Procrastius
      "Ego probabiliter ad cras"
      Yeah, I know the other Houses got their rooms up before us.  Sorry, it took me awhile to get to it.  But you know, it still got done.  Got a little busy with stuff.  Anyway, have at it.  When you get a chance.  If you can't, it'll keep.
      As a wise old teacher once said to me:
      “Never put off till tomorrow what may be done day after tomorrow just as well.â€
      - Mark Twain
      ​Now, I think the teacher was trying to get me to turn my work in on time, but honestly, I loved Mark Twain, and it sort of had the opposite effect.
    • By joshuaslater
      Anyone know if this model and the few last remaining ones are in the works?  A hint of a preview?
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