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Lord of the Dish Pit

May-be I should finish some of these...

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While looking over Vermina, I found that part of her paint on her face had gotten chipped somehow so she is now taking a quick dip in some Simple Green.


I finished the hair highlights on Usher's friend. Now all that's left is his skin and the base. Since I'm going to be doing vampire skin I dragged out the WW2 German vampire and his friends.


When I got these guys I picked up some Vallejo Fieldgrey and Unif. Luftwaffe. Previously using those colors on the Wizkids zombies I found out that for some reason the Vallejo matte sealer makes them glossy. So I'm debating whether or not to use them or if perhaps mixing them with Reaper paints might get rid of the glossing effect. (Which is why I put them aside several months ago actually)

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I had a D'oh! moment when I realized that what I thought were deformations on the top of Usher's head were in fact, strands of his friend's hair. So the fixing of this has commenced.


From this angle it looks like he's trying to eat the blue tac....

The German vampire got a light base of Frosty Blue, over which I'm applying the Vampiric Skin triad. His teeth got picked out in Dirty Bone, and his eyes are Pure Black. (With my vampires I've decided to go with the 30 Days of Night approach as regards their eyes.)


The might of his baldness has defeated my camera it seems.

The zombie Germans's skin is done. A base of Sample Flesh, wash with Druchii Purple, followed by highlights of Sample Flesh mixed with Vampiric Skin. Teeth done in Dirty Bone, Linen White on the eyes, and the one with a head wound got some Rainy Grey where his brain is.



Nobody wants their picture taken today it seems. After dinner I'll bite the bullet and start on their uniforms.

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In the immortal words of Snoopy..."It was a Dark and Stormy Night.."

Hence perfect for continuing with undead Wehrmacht!



Ok so in neither of these pics does it show well, but the initial coat of Feildgrey was mixed with Stormy Gray and later Rainy Gray for some highlights on the tunics. It kinda sorta shows to the eye, but I'm going to hold off on the temptation to go further with it until after I get their pants done. I suspect the large amount of black might be throwing my eye off slightly.

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After a thin mix of Black Wash and a dab of Wash Medium, I went over both pants and tunics with the base colors mixed with Rainy Gray.


The vampire's cloak was done in a Red Gore/Black mix, then I added a bit more Red Gore and highlighted.


Now that I have the uniforms where I want them these should go a bit quicker. 

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The boots and helmets got a quick highlight of Black/Stormy Gray mix and the lbes are Oiled leather with Brown Wash.


The metal parts of their gear are Blackened and Honed Steel. The bases are Steel Legion Drab and Brown Wash. 


The cloak got the same mix as the boots, and his dagger and medal were done with Honed Steel. 


I still need to do his final skin highlight, but I'm holding off to the end as Usher also needs his. 

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Usher, victim and the undead Germans are done and I'm waiting for the matte sealer to dry. So onwards to the Dungeon Saga stuff.


The necromancer should be pretty straightforward, but the ogre is giving me pause for thought. My original plan was to use vampire skin and a purple tint on him and have his clothes look like they had been stitched from the skins of his victims. But I'm not sure if I'm going to go that light on his skin, with the purple it might come off as a bit more Slaaneshi than undead...and if I go for a more usual skin tone, that would rule out the victim skin fashonwear. (As I learned with Usher and victim, having skin tones side by side can be a pain in the elf to work with) 

As a way of buying time, I've begun finishing up on the Thunderer Command, who have sat unfinished for far too long anyway.

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Ok so maybe the necromancer won't be that straightfoward...


His top cowl is done in Deep Twilight and Violet light, his front cloth in Red Gore/Black mixes, and I outlined his hair in Vampiric Shadow. Basically I'm recycling a lot of the colors I used on Usher and the Germans. I can see where I previously went over his robes with a Black/Gray mix, and I'm thinking on redoing those areas in a deep blue. Necromancer aren't generally known to be all that colorful, but given how many layers of robes he has, I'd like to avoid overdoing Black/Gray on him. I'm also unsure as what to do his the hanging strands of cloth. I'm thinking a White/Sepia combination with some freehanded symbols of some kind. His rising minion got hit with some black wash as did the bony bits of the zombie ogre/troll/shaman thing. 

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