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Thanks for the feedback everyone.


4 hours ago, Cyradis said:

Are you running an anthropomorphic campaign, or just really like these minis? 


It's funny you ask. In fact, after 31 years without playing any D&D games I DM a game last weekend. The player didn't play anthropomorphic character but I tought about it. We player the Ruined Tower, a fastplay AD&D game to get back in the beat. An old friend and me introduced my brother to the game and we really had a blast.


As for the Critter, I'm painting them for a friend. He got them from the Critter Kingdoms Expansion Kickstarer and asked me to paint them for him.


4 hours ago, wickedshifty said:

Did you lay black down on the armour then dry brush the silver? Looks killer.


The basecoat is pure black. I then applyed successive layer of charcoal grey, stone grey, alien flesh and pure white to create a black NMM effect. I applied dry brushing only on the chain mail.

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12 hours ago, wickedshifty said:

Thank you! I'm about to embark on something I'd like to look similar (although I'm not as talented by any means) so I appreciate the tip! 



Do it, practice will take you there.


The maths for this technique is easy to remember. Let me explain. I first cover all the surfaces with a basecoat of pure black. It's easier if you used black primer. At this point, don't be scared to dilute your paint with water to help it go into all the cracks, almost as if you were applying a wash.


Then, I apply successive layers of paler tones. Starting from the surface edge I cover 1/2 to 2/3 of the surface making sure not to paint in the cracks. Continuing this process, I apply another layer of paler tone, covering 1/2 to 2/3 of the previoucely applied tone. All the way to pure white, which I apply only on the edge itself.


Remember, each practice will get you closer to success. No practice, no failure... no success.



10 hours ago, Boaz said:

Your painting them for a friend ...just Cuz your that awsome ?


A) Salut!  Hats of to your coolness ...

B) be my friend ... I have lots of minis to paint ... though them critters do look fun ...



A) I'd like to be that cool but my friend is even more generous that I am. ^_^


B) We can be friends. ::P: I know how it feels, I also have hundreds of miniatures to paint including fifteen dragon and one hundred models more on their way from a Kickstarter. I'll be around for a while.

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Foxes, in plate, whoo!  And a marble fox too! 


I sort of prefer the sneaky, rogue-like foxes but one would say it's probably because larger ears don't play well with plate (fennecs rule!) ^_^


Definitely loving that armour and sword! 

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