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7 hours ago, Boaz said:

 Looks like he shaved his arm pits for the photo ... the tartan looks great , what clan color is that ? 


I derived this simplified pattern from the pattern I did on an earlier project.  That tartan was loosely based upon the  Afghanistan Memorial Tartan. 


However, the white lines and red lines on that project did not work out well at all.  So I simplified it to get the pattern on this miniature.  Note that the tartan I linked to above has a blue pattern, rather than the green I chose to use on this miniature. 


I really like that pattern of that tartan, but it turned out my hands were too shaky and I didn't have the paint consistency right for doing the smooth thin lines needed to make it look good.  I needed to drink less coffee and thin my paint differently.  When I used straight liquitex flowaid to thin the dark green for the thin lines, they turned out very fine and smooth as you can see on Ian MacAndrew.  The choice of miniature to apply the plaid pattern to is very important as well.  Flared skirts the one in the picture below are quite difficult to line up the pattern on.  Like I said in my original post, I'm still working out the process.



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