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Growler recovery. ..

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 Wail waiting on more Kulathi to appear in my mail box I decided to unpack my Growlers and give them a once over ...



 The alpha, bulls, and one horns are a bit scratched up after a poorly packed 4 state move ... took the opportunity to grind down a few so-so joints for some green stuff practice patching ...


 Momma and pups not so well .. 4 pup limb remount and momma got her hand back ... 


 I like the Grey and metallic color scheme but they are moving to Kuden , tans might be in order ...

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 All limbs reattached,  green stuffed the needy mold joints ... Started their new base coats ... introducing a little variation in skin tones ...GrowlersRebaseCoat.thumb.jpg.667471932c1ea6de9e1cbf3aee813153.jpg

They are so big and mosley open models even I can paint them ...




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