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Bones 80026: Agatha Fox, a Petite Lady Spy

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I'm working up some modern adventurers. I've always rather liked the sort of British modness of this figure.


For Bones, I prime with some thinned-down Reaper Brown Liner, which both shows details and gives a paint-friendly surface for later layers to grip.



All paints used (after the primer) are Golden Matte Fluid Acrylics. Color mixes are (usually) noted, but not exact ratios.


Questions are welcomed and I will try to answer them. Critiques are appreciated.


Usually I rough in the skin first. This is pretty rough. It's a simple mix of Titanium White and Burnt Sienna, with a bit of pink mixed from Titanium White and Red Oxide. I left the eye socket with the primer showing. This figure kind of wants to be colored 1960's-style, with very dramatic eye makeup and almost invisible lips, but I think I will try something different.


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I worked up her skin tones, again using simple mixes of Titanium White with Burnt Sienna and Red Oxide, brightened up with a small amount of Quinacridone Magenta.


She looks a little bit like she got into her mom's makeup. I figure I will tone down the pinkness as I go.


Her eye was a series of accidents. I jammed a skin tone at it for the eyelid and the brow happened and I thought, "Huh" and left it. Then I just started to dab in the white (really a pearly grey mixed from Titanium White and Carbon Black) and it looked good as it was so I decided not to push my luck and left it.



I've seen nice blonde versions of this figure. But since literally every other figure I was painting that day had black hair and I haven't yet seen a brunette version, I decided to go with that.


This is the earliest layers. I've glazed the hair with a dark mix of Burnt Sienna and Ultramarine Blue and laid in some preliminary highlights in the same mixed with a little Titanium White.



And since I haven't shown a back view yet, here's her easing a pistol out of her purse.



To build up highlights in hair, I lay in thin lights in a medium to light tone, then glaze over them with a mix of the hair color, then repeat, making the tones lighter and lighter.


The hair color glazes were various mixes of Burnt Sienna and Ultramarine Blue, shading to this side or that of grey, brown or blue, and a bit also of Burnt Umber and Ultramarine Blue for extra depth.

DSC_1043-Bones-80026-Agatha-Fox.jpg.a6ffe37f739c82ed8fbc482bef2765f3.jpg    DSC_1043-face.jpg.38390eff2e3288588f742f4062820904.jpg





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I plan to make her trench coat khaki and her boots classic green wellingtons.


I mixed a manky dull green out of Yellow Ochre and Burnt Umber, with tiny dabs of Carbon Black and Phthalo Green (phthalo especially is a very strong color and will take over if not dealt with carefully) and washed it over her coat. I added more Phthalo Green and Burnt Umber and a tiny bit of Titanium White for her boots (still wet in the front view). The white, oddly enough, makes the color look darker because it reduces the transparency.

DSC_1053-Bones-80026-Agatha-Fox.jpg.c757136d10b8c3f3cf7abea7b8a187f3.jpg  DSC_1054.jpg.ba06149261e19ec043b9ab62eb165913.jpg


I lightened the coat color with a good bit of Titanium White and some Yellow Ochre, and the boots color with some straight Titanium White, and laid in very crude highlights.

DSC_1062-Bones-80026-Agatha-Fox.jpg.965b9551a2886efb0bfb9031ff1038ab.jpg  DSC_1063.jpg.f124b132e094363d4935d247288df1ef.jpg


Then I, uhhh, noodled around on my palette mixing in a bit of this and a bit of that to make some medium tones for glazes and lighter for more highlights and some darks for the cracks and crannies, and this is how she looks now.

DSC_1068-Bones-80026-Agatha-Fox.jpg.11d48d7d2a81de459fd1c4c672165cba.jpg  DSC_1069.jpg.1ba74ce756fee96d4594217099b1d86d.jpg

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I mixed up a peacock blue from Phthalo Blue and Titanium White and painted her purse, lightening it with a little more Titanium White for shaping. I painted her pistol pure Carbon Black.



I painted the edges of her gun with a grey mixed from Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna, and Titanium White I painted the hardware on her bag with Iridescent Gold.

DSC_0012.jpg.caacb88dff164bc2ea94311b7c45db6b.jpg   DSC_0011-Bones-80026-Agatha-Fox.jpg.f82ef9f33c09c74ca7f2ef69514376b4.jpg

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I mixed a dark translucent green from Phthalo Blue, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, and Red Oxide, and added shadows and in effect some darklining around green areas.


I also worked on her face to make it look a little less painted. Aheh.

DSC_0244-Bones-80026-Agatha-Fox.jpg.fdf58e2270f44355ec688ad6a92ebdc4.jpg   DSC_0245.jpg.e174f2557de0b53055867fac67ce9a58.jpg


DSC_0246.jpg.2114de66d62cb959289507909d86cf03.jpg   DSC_0247.jpg.58f1621697848bb3fee19ad63c846901.jpg


DSC_0248.jpg.703cd2e98f3644a99978d1a5e16c74a1.jpg   DSC_0244-face.jpg.22c8aaec72dfbc0756a2512e19b9076c.jpg


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