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03846: necromancer, or how to compose a diorama

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oh, I should add- I wanted a bent-over tree rather than an upright one, since I spent so much time putting alchemical symbols on Mr. Necromancer.  I didn't want to hide the cloak behind foliage.  Plus bent trees look cooler and spookier to me.  Something about reaching for hidden light and all that.



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Very Awesome!  I love the way you can dissect your work and explain what you were seeing / thinking.  Interesting synergy between these two, now just add some will-o-wisps casting random pools of light!  Or better... fireflies... too bad you can't just suspend a firefly and let it light up a small section around it. Oh, and a frog... and... hmmm... I see what you did... you stirred the Cauldron of Creativity... you just know when to stop and we don't yet...

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I thought about hanging extra lanterns in the trees but I was afraid of doing too much and distracting from the main figures.  Plus... time is running out.  I still have a good amount of painting work to do on this and I'll need to add some more vines to my trees. Looking at the one vine sprig it looks lonely or out of place. Learning to stop adding is hard and there isn't always a concrete line where enough is enough. Should I even have added the vine?  After I put it on I wasn't sure, but swamps are a cluttered place, so a bit of mess seems more realistic.  I just have to be careful that my happy couple is where everyone focuses.


But yes, the idea of WIPs to me are helpful.  As I paint and take photos I can see things I want to fix. My camera's eye is still much better than mine, so when I zoom in I can see blends I needs to smooth.  Or see if I think the overall balance is off and need more or less color.  More contrast.  All of that.  I think doing WIPs is a great learning experience for everyone- myself included. Plus I get to pick everyone's brains on what works for them.  It helps me figure out how to tell a better story.

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2 hours ago, Corporea said:

oooh! yes please!


OK, the composition is very good as you discuss, but the lighting seems off.  It is a very dark piece and feels a bit muddled from a 'where am I supposed to look" perspective.  My eye keeps traveling to his clothes, and I really have to work to find their faces and hands, which seem like they should be the focal point.  I'd consider adding the following:

  • Lighting from above, but not general.  I'd make it look like a shaft of silvery moonlight is coming in, lighting the couple, especially their heads/faces and joined hands.
  • Add some extra color to their hands, like some sort of OSL nimbus where they meet, highlighting them.  Perhaps some living skin tone running down her arm making her more real and solid where he touches her.  This would draw the eye precisely to the center of the action, and perhaps add a bit to your story (i.e., she's a bit more alive when touching him. and he's giving his life/love to bring her back to him).
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