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Help Identifying Birdsound.


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When In Germany we heard this sound in the forest, it was answered by others,

Some kind of bird but we can't identify it.


Somebody knows what this is?


Spraak 005_sdvogel.m4a


EDIT: I tried to convert this to a MP3 but I can't.


This file can be opened by clicking on it and opening it with mediaplayer.


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I don't know bird sounds, but there are some smartphone apps for bird sounds that can be sorted by region. My cousin uses the app and has it set to her region of Vermont. Not sure the name, or if it is international, but it would be worth checking! 

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21 minutes ago, Pegazus said:

Yeah, can't get the attachment either. Tried both mobile and the tablet. Says it may have been removed by the author.


Hm Thanks.


When I get home I will try to convert it into an MP3 or MP4, see if I can do that.

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