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This RAFM mini came in an assorted lot of female "modern" adventurers. Between the camera, the suit and the shoes she looked a little pre-modern, at least hardboiled detective noir era anyway.


Then I primed her and thought "Holy cow, this is Lois Lane, plucky girl reporter."


I mean, she isn't, not officially. Not even in a wink-and-nudge way. But by golly, that's how I think of her and that's how I'm going to paint her up.


All paints used are Golden Matte Fluid Acrylics. Color mixes are (usually) noted, but not exact ratios.


Questions are welcomed and I will try to answer them. Critiques are appreciated.


This is the way I usually start miniature figures: Lightly primed with Titanium White, then when that is dry, washing it over with Burnt Umber. Burnt Umber is a dark, transparent pigment that settles into crannies when thinned down and shows the details very well. It also gives a nice warm undertone to later paint layers.


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First crude layer of chaotic color! I generally start caucasian flesh tones with simple mixes of Titanium White and Burnt Sienna. Her lips are straight Red Oxide and her hair and eye sockets are thinned down Carbon Black. I usually do eye sockets a little less dramatic, generally Burnt Umber or something like that, but I want her to look like she's wearing makeup.





Welp. And then I mixed some pink from Red Oxide and Titanium White and went a little overboard (I'll come in later to moderate it, I promise!). And I painted her face.





And I painted her hair with alternating light grey highlights (mixed from Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine Blue, and Titanium White) and glazes of blue-blacks mixed from Burnt Umber and Phthalo Blue.




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I mixed a medium blue from Ultramarine Blue with just a little Burnt Umber to take down the brilliance and some Titanium White for opacity, and sloshed it onto her suit.





DSC_1047.jpg.9f43832536f1d4f3e46d3525fd0445d9.jpg   DSC_1046.jpg.d6474beb49d2ef4049a60218ce72d22c.jpg


Then I mixed a lighter, brighter blue from Phthalo Blue and Titanium White and added it. Still very rough.





I mixed a neutral transparent shadow color from Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna and added shadows.





Then I again mixed a lighter translucent blue from Phthalo Blue, Ultrmarine Blue, and Titanium White and added again highlights.


For some reason I can smell my grandmother's perfume as I paint this suit.




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I painted her shoes!


I'd been looking at them oddly for a while and I finally realized what they reminded me of.


When I was a kid I read (and copied the art from) a lot of classic Donald Duck comics. Daisy Duck wore these odd, bulbous, stylized high heeled shoes, and for some reason these remind me of those.


Anyhow, the first layer is a medium blue mixed from Phthalo Blue and Titanium White, eye poppingly bright. In real life the difference between the shoes and the dress color is much more striking.





I mixed in some Titanium White and added some highlights.







Then I mixed a dark blue from Phthalo Blue and a little Burnt Umber and thinned it down like liner and painted it on around the soles and where the shoes meet her feet.










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I'm back!


I left out some intermediate steps because I wasn't sure how much people were interested in minutely detailed descriptions of how I fiddled with a blue suit. Here's where I had gotten her to by the end of summer:

DSC_0261-RAFM-RAF02819-Paige-Fox-Lois-Lane-blues.jpg.3187193e5beacf9e43f871ee661c3ce5.jpg  DSC_0262-RAFM-RAF02819-Paige-Fox-Lois-Lane-blues.jpg.0faba78bb5c8c52228e8664ab743a80a.jpg


And then some glazes and stuff:





I fixed up her skin tones and finished her camera. Unfortunately I got a row of splodges on  the front of her skirt which needed fixing before I took the Show Off pix. I think I also did a little more cleaning up around her shoes, but basically she's done.









Show Off thread here.

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2 hours ago, SisterMaryNapalm said:

It's really funny how I just didn't read the topic, watched the pictures and though: Is that Louis Lane?


Great work!


Well, the figure looked to me very like the first Lois Lane I knew. Not quite the original, who had a big victory roll hairstyle, but closer to the pixie-cut Lois Lane of the 1950s, Noel Neill and all that.

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      Coincidentally, I had this figure very nearly done two days ago when the sad news of Diana Rigg’s passing was made public.
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      Whenever you’re going to paint a chimeric model, a creature made up of the parts of other creatures, it’s a good idea to go look at real animals to see how their colors and feathers and skins look, and also how they blend into other things. If nothing else, there are excellent visual resources on the internet.
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