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Different SKUs and prices for same models?

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Totally new to the Reaper brand, so forgive me if this is mentioned somewhere else.....


When I look at the Mousling line of minis,  I see a few different models that are listed as 2 separate SKUs and 2 different prices but there's zero information about them so I don't know what's up with that.  For example with SKU 03744 it's $7.49, while  —  SKU 77290 is $2.99 (Mousling Druid & Beekeeper).  I've also noticed this with the King & Princess, Ranger & Yeoman, etc.   The cheaper models are shown with a B next to them on the table as well.  The only other difference I've noticed is release dates. 


I saw one thread mention different SKU's for different materials but it didn't mention the 03XXX SKUs.  Can someone help me? 


 I want them all but don't want to buy the same thing at two different prices if they are, in fact, the same thing.  

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The 77xxx product line is our Bones Plastic line.


The 02xxx continuing through the 03xxx product lines are our Dark Heaven Metal line.


The material the models are made from will determine their cost. Some sculpt are indeed available in both product lines.

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Some miniatures are plastic and some are pewter. Reaper has many of the same models in both materials. You probably found some plastic models (the $2.99 ones) and some pewter models (the $7.49 ones) of the same figure.


The “B” is a new thing in the store. It means “Bones”, which is Reaper’s name for its PVC plastic figures.

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Whoa, you guys are fast!!  THANK YOU!!! 



Now, I read that the store is getting a redesign... .


My suggest would be to have a drop down listing the material a particular sculpt is available in, and the cost next to that.  Just my $.02.  


BRB buying all the things.....

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