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Several recent threads have reminded me to make this offer formally...


This is for forum members who are just starting out in the hobby, don't have a FLGS or painting group, are college students :;): , or otherwise just don't have extra mini basing stuff lying around. I'll send out a handful of assorted bases, terrain bits, basing materials, and other random stuff to the first, say, eight people who can PM me (with name and mailing address). Gratis, of course.


This offer may be extended depending on how much space is cleared up with the first eight packets. I still haven't put away all the new metal from ReaperCon. ::P:

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Mail Call!


Wow! Thanks Paintrix! What a great collection of odds and ends hehe.


I would like to formally thank you for your generosity and helping those of us that are trying to get a start in this wonderful hobby.


One day I will return this favor to someone else starting out :)


now, I am off to paint hehe

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