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Skull Tales: Full Sail!


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This is an interesting looking project. It's apparently a second edition of a well reviewed game on BGG (8.1 rating). The first edition raised $83k with 909 backers, this one has $446k and 3848 backers with 4 days to go, which seems like a good sign. It's called a semi-cooperative game for 1-5 players, though there is a pvp mode listed under unlocked stretch goals.


The game has three phases, a sea voyage phase that looks like a resource management mini game, a exploration phase that looks to play similar to D&D board games like Wrath of Ashardalon and Castle Ravenloft, and a port phase for upgrading and getting missions.


There aren't a lot of ks exclusives, but the war dog looks great:


And some add ons, a set of interesting sea miniatures to replace game tokens:


Can't say I've ever seen a sperm whale mini before, though he's probably minnow sized next to most tabletop minis.

And the dice tower looks good, with an awesome demo video:



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Any kickstarter is a risk, but I don't think this one has too much for the pledge. The main pledge is $106, it has over 100 minis, but a quick scan shows there are only 37 unique models (the 50+ includes paid add-ons) and only one large mini. And it has raised over $500k. Companies like Cmon and Monolith (and Reaper for that matter) deliver many more (and a great many larger) for a similar price range. They also have very few ks exclusives, so they can take a lot to retail.


Anyway, this just entered the last day, for anyone else still wondering about backing. Here are a couple of the last stretch goals (they decided to unlock all remaining stretch goals yesterday).


Armoured Amazons:


And the aforementioned large mini, the awesome looking Tarantula Anansi:


Not a stretch goal, but The Darkclaws and Bootbiter are looking good:




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Looking through it myself, I don't see a lot of red flags.  The amount of stuff does seem generous, but as Suden said, not out of place with similar projects.  Generous use of multiple copies of single sculpts helps a lot. They fulfilled their previous KS nearly on time, it looks like, too, so that's another good sign. 


Tempted, but I just spent my excess funds on finishing up my Bones IV order.  

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I got this game in the mail this week. It was scheduled for April delivery, so not bad at all. The components look good, and the game looks fun. The minis are nice, not quite cmon level but very good board game quality. They are soft, not quite bones level but bendy enough they look pretty durable. They are base coated with a very thin coat, so painting should be a breeze. There is some flash, though it seems to be easily trim-able. There are also some hanging bits visible from the molds, but they are also easy to remove.


I didn't get many add-ons, but I couldn't resist the set of sea miniatures (the Reaper guy is for scale):


Really nice set of ships/critters, though it is odd that the shark is so much larger than everything else. Maybe it's supposed to be a megalodon, but even they shouldn't be that big relative to the ships or whale. Some of the bits I mentioned earlier are clearly visible on the top masts of the lightest coloured ship. Easy to remove, but there are a bunch across the various miniatures.


The Twins, another add-on I picked up:


They are kids, so a bit smaller, but they still have lots of nice clear detail. The boy has some very visible flash, though not the worst I've seen on the minis I received. There are more of those bits needing removal on the top of his hand and her hat. 


I also got the Dynamic Duo and Witch and Freedman add ons. I paid for the Witch and Freedman, but they were included in the base game so I shouldn't have. They didn't include a second set, but they were only $7, so I'm not too concerned. Here's the Dynamic Duo:



Some characters from the game, the worst of the flash along with a handsome (if blurry) doggo:



A random sampling of villainous minis:


There's some weird whiteness on the soldier, I'm thinking the base coat was spread too thick. I'm guessing this also means the base coat is transparent, as I get the same effect if I put too much dullcoat sealer on a mini. Details are still fine though, so I wouldn't bother trying to remove it to paint it. It was also the only one I noticed with that effect.


Finally a couple of the more fantastical foes, a Darkclaw and a Bootbiter:


They are some good looking sea critters, I'm going to have to insert them into the Ghosts of Saltmarsh module I recently picked up.


Overall I'm very happy with this ks. The game should be fun, I like the semi-cooperative aspect and can't wait to try it out.


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