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Horns and claws ... how do you do ?

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I'm revamping my pack of Growlers from their original rubble grey with metal claws / horns to more of a desert plains lion pack look ...and they are a spiky bunch (a few pics in ongoing projects) with large claws and a ridge of spikes running down their backs ... and I'm a terrible painter , but willing to work on it ... 


 So if you got some nifty techniques or slick tricks to make some good horns that are pleasing to the eyes I'm all ears ...

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The only thing I remember doing with horns was using the bone whites (aged, polished, splintered, dirty, etc), and flesh wash.


Making the base lighter and the tip darker (often going into the dark browns) is more consistent with horns you see in the animal world.

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I like to start with an off-white base colour, and then add successive glazes with a coarse bristle brush, starting with a yellow ochre, heavier at the base of the horn, and finishing with something like burnt umber towards the tip.


The coarse brush  gives you an irregular fibrous look to the horns that I prefer to a perfectly smooth gradation.


It's also a good way of producing wood grain.

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Been looking at bull horns and keeping in mind whats mentioned here ... thinking white base , white/blue-grey blend, blue-grey, blue-grey/black blend, black tipped ... with course brush got jagged transition ... depending on size of course.


 Though browns might fit the color palate ... still mauling it over ...

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