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Solomon Kane Board Game (Mythic Games)

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On 6/16/2018 at 5:49 PM, Knight of the Dinner Table said:

I don't believe that ... but I'm having other misgivings, especially the fact that I find watching those game play videos extremely tedious, partially because the game play does not grab me.

One thing that they've said about the game play videos is that you have to liken this more to something like a role playing game. Watching videos of people playing D&D can be a downright snoozefest, whereas playing the game yourself is obviously much more engaging.

It's been a really odd campaign. They're still gaining backers, but so many people seem to have jumped on that early bird "just because" and are now leaving that it's grinding to a standstill. Hopefully they can get it moving forward again.

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I'm still in.... but am like 99% out... The value thing is not a big concern for me.  The question about scale does and they haven't really addressed it or shown any scale shot that I am aware of. 14 more days though so I am still waiting and watching.

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