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Wreck and Ruin: post-apocalyptic vehicle miniature violence!


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Dominate the Wastes by commanding one of 4 factions, using a range of post-apocalyptic vehicles and unique abilities to outmaneuver and outgun your opponents. Tactically use your limited actions to grab your own objectives whilst simultaneously preventing other players from scoring - shoot, ram, and wreck your way to victory!

Look at all that battle damage! Look at all that battle damage!

There is no pledge manager, no deal to get into retail at the moment - get it here or risk missing out! Any surplus from the print run will be sold at conventions and on my site, but when they're gone they're gone! Of course I'd still be happy to speak to any retailers who are interested.

  • 20 vehicle miniatures in their faction colours - 5 for each.  
  • 70 flame pegs - track damage and look cool doing it!  
  • 7 double-sided map tiles - create your own wasteland.
  • 16 faction cards - powerful one-off abilities unique to your faction that can change the tide of battle. 
  • 56 salvage cards - one-off buffs and attacks that can be used to strengthen your vehicles, or mess with your opponents. 
  • 16 event cards - the rules of the wasteland change each round! 
  • Player guides, quick setup rules, tokens, dice - it's game time!
Ready to play at Airecon 2018 Ready to play at Airecon 2018

Want your game to look even better? Have pro painter Michael Mordor paint your miniatures wasteland ready and grab one of the limited painted pledges before they're gone!

Click to see Michael's twitter account Click to see Michael's twitter account
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