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Bard, with Tartan!


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My BF had a PC made with Heroforge I've been putting off, cause he wanted Tartan painted. 


I've seen all the recent Tartan posts here and followed along with the tutorials and I'm so pleased with how it came out! 

He also requested a red leather jacket and green mohawk. Overall I am so happy with this mini. 

Used almost all reaper paints, and a couple of citadel washes. 


Thanks so so so much for all the tartan inspiration! 


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7 minutes ago, Boaz said:

He didn't leave you much room to maneuver  did he ? Great job on the tartan ... as well as the rest !


Yah, I've been putting this guy for months. He's "away" while we are stuck in Barovia (COS campaign)- and my BF is playing a different character, but as Barovia comes to an end...I felt the need to get Bing Bong off the shelf and off my list. So I just put up with his high needs requests for today and finished him off. He was a real challenge! 

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