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Hi all, im going to my first UKGE and noticed Reaper being there, are the prices going to be as they are on the site (set to UK) or is there going to be some 'uppage'  due to UK having hundreds of taxes? lol


I know its kind of late to be asking stuff like this but wondered if anyone know.

Thanks in advance everyone and anyone! 

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    • By Piata
      I just got the learn to pain core kit and it doesn't seem to close properly.

      Is there a trick to it? Cause it seems like the rounded case won't close if you have paints next to the hinge.

      I was hoping to store all my paint from Bones IV in there.
    • By Wonder Woman
      This was AMAZING!! I had no idea such a warm and fun con existed. I was surprised by how both energizing and relaxing it was.
      The only minor issue I had/have is a bit of clarity needed in the MSP judging rubric. I get how it was done (teacher by trade) but I would like to see what criteria was used to define each level breakdown. For instance a bronze exhibited more or less or “x” trait, a silver this, and a gold that. I understand it is subjective (again teacher - high school English to boot) but I think it would help to have something a bit more concrete and in writing going forward to know what to strive for; or at least know where the ballpark is. Otherwise, I can’t speak highly enough about the whole experience. The opportunity to join in and game was great. The painting hijinks was the most fun. I had a hard time pulling myself away to go do other things. Judge feedback was helpful and I even got a shiny bronze medal- which I proudly display next to my minis. 
      I am going to blame the registration desk for my newest addiction- ribbon hunting. Just remember the first ones free! ;p

    • By CaptMini
      I've only been at this a little over a month and am totally addicted! Went for the glowing eyes here and botched it -- Don't know how you expert painters paint son damn small!

    • By mtaylorj89
      Hey all, Taylor is the name, minis are the game. Well, they're FOR the games. Um. I mean. Uh.
      I learned to paint minis when I was about 15-16 (I'm 27 now) and while I didn't paint for ALL of those years, I do have some that I'm proud of. *insert gratuitous spam of bragging*



      I guess this is me introducing myself. Yo, I'm Taylor, I'm 27, and I don't believe there is such a thing as too many minis, too small a brush, or too much time spent painting!
      xo Taylor
    • By Genghis_Sean
      Tossing this out there, unsure of the appropriate forum board to use.  It's probably unimportant, but I'm wondering how to describe myself as a miniature painter.  I started this hobby one year ago and since then my profile has described me as a painting newbie.  I no longer think of myself as such having painted probably 25-30 figures since then, watched hours of YouTube tutorials, purchased and watched Jen Haley's DVD, posed questions on the forums and had them answered, learned how to prep, prime, base, drybrush, wash, and highlight.  So, what level painter am I?
      I thought about graduating to myself from newbie to novice based upon the one year, but rate of painting applies.  The first six months I didn't paint at all, being petrified of making mistakes.  It took me that long to make a few attempts and gradually I got more and more confident. 
      Should painting level be based on:
      Number of years as a miniature painter.
      Number of actual miniatures painted.
      Mastery of certain painting skills (drybrushing, highlighting, etc).
      Sheer awesomeness of finished results
      In AD&D, 1E that I grew up playing, every level had a title.  You graduated from title to title.  Take the thief for example:

      Level 1: Rogue
      2: Footpad
      3: Cutpurse
      4: Robber
      5: Burglar
      6: Filcher
      7: Sharper
      8: Magsman?  WTH?
      9: Thief
      10: Master Thief

      I wondered if it would be productive to create a universal system here for newcomers to use to describe themselves.
      Level 1: Newbie
      2: Novice
      5: Veteran
      6: Advanced
      7: Teacher
      8: Work for commission
      9: Professional
      10: Bob Ross
      Maybe that's too complex and there should only be five levels rather than ten.  Anyway, I'm graduating myself from newbie to novice, but I no longer feel like a novice.  I'm not sure I've earned the title of veteran, either, so I'm somewhere in between whatever that is.  Thoughts?
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