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On 6/1/2018 at 6:14 AM, Evilhalfling said:

I finished the goal I had been working on for 2 years. (bones 2 core set) 

now I am at a bit of a loss.  not ready to commit to a plan for finishing bones 3. (4 painted) 


2 heroforge pieces for commision 

Silver Dragon from bones 2 (as bronze) 

work on Mr. Bones diorama. 





painted a nest that came from Oathsworn KS. 

Finished mr bone diorama 

- painted 3 gravestones 

finished Dwarf from DDS2 party 


From Bones 3

Started new PC wizard/Druid 

Started Mule 

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On 6/5/2018 at 8:45 AM, NecroMancer said:

- Work on Orc bust

- Finish Khanjira

- Build  light box for photos

- Keep painting Rising Sun figures

- Try to stay off Kickstarter


-Work on Orc Bust - minor success

-Finish Khanjira - Fail

-Build light box - Fail

-Keep painting Rising Sun - Success

-Stay off KS -  FAIL!!

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On 6/1/2018 at 12:59 PM, Glitterwolf said:
  • Work on La Charra Bust, just maybe finish it.
  • Finish my Xolotl mini ( Oathsworn Armadillo Man)
  • Convert my spare Kaladrax Base to a Jungle Terrain piece which may or may not include some minis.
  • Start another mini for my Nippon, Land of the Rising Moon project.


  • La Charra - Only primed - Fail!
  • Xolotl - Almost there - Fail!
  • Jungle Terrain - In Progress I consider it a succes since I didn't promise to finish it!
  • Nippon - got so wrapped up in the jungle terrain, I didn't start one - Fail!

All will be moved to July


And oh..this:



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On 6/3/2018 at 1:26 AM, WhiteWulfe said:

I'm going to go with three for this month, even if a few might be repeats... 


- Finish up the sculpting putty work for Wyrmgear.  Sure, I have at least three more sessions just to get the wings how I want them, and then probably another for his horns and the backpack engine, but that's life.  Bonus points if he's primed! 

- Finish Ebonwrath.  This one is a bit ambitious, but seeing hubby work on his has definitely put a good fire for the forge, or however yo uwant to put it (aka, motivation to push towards competition).  Oh, and this includes building and finishing a base for him too, which is even more ambitious but still. 

- Finish my Skaven Warlord

- I know I said three goals, but I can't resist.. I want to work on, and finish, one of the minis for Furiously Fluffy Howling Hounds too.  This should be doable as hubby and I have found a rhythm where we can play games together, play solo games, and are able to do painting too.  So we think anyways ^_^

Hmmm, not as much progress as I wanted, but then again we also had quite the heat wave for two full weeks, which really made it difficult to even think in our living room.... 


- Wyrmgear is down to three more sessions I figure.  Two for the other wing and a third for the spinal area and maybe a bit of extra this and that on some of the armour plates. 

- Ebonwrath didn't really get touched due to being kind of discouraged by hubby's paint peeling a good amount off of his. I do plan on giving him some more attention soon though, assuming weather remains decent

- Warlord didn't get touched either.. 

- Not much progress, but I did layer several of my FFHH guys with grey liner, and started colouring the base on two, which I'll count as half ^_^;;;

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