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Darsc Zacal

Feral Elves by Westfalia

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A new kickstarter from the folks at Westfalia coming in August.



An interesting and somewhat different take on elves.

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I backed most (all?) of their projects and was totally satisfied every single time. Nice, characterful sculpts, clean castings and great customer service in case there is a problem.










Now somebody please tell me when this sculpt will hit Kickstarter (or retail) ...



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I'd love to have a bunch of wild primitive Elf minis. Been hoping to run across some good ones for a few years, but these aren't them. I agree about the magic user with the curly toe slippers though. That's a great sculpt. Cosmic phenomenal power!

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Hmm I sort of like it, but look at the size of the feet on the first mini pictured

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18 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

Not exactly what I think when I hear 'feral' but they're nice figures.

Same here. They look like they should make pretty nice 'normal' wood elves, but they don't seem to me like they're savage enough to be feral.

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