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2 hours ago, hosercanadian said:

that plant dragon looks like it belongs there.


It fits like a charm!


1 hour ago, Chaoswolf said:

Yes, it does. Very good work so far, Glitterwolf!


I look forward to playing 'spot the critter'.


I will add lots of stuff.

Of course following this WIP will give away what I add.

But maybe when I'm done, wait for a while and only look at the show off pics then.

See how many you can spot.

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Applied Vallejo Water Effects.

And some vines.

And some Snail Shells and rocks.


Yes the water is contaminated with flock, but it is a jungle river, so no problem there.

After this is dry, a layer of Vallejo Still Water will submerge it all again, and then I will add some floating plant stuff anyway.


Still, only the beginning.

See that treetrunk in the background?

I have an idea...









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Waiting for the Water Effects to fully cure.

Parts are cured, the thicker layers are still white.

Needs more time.

If stuff doesn't get transparent I will use greens to make it a bit more muddy and apply Still Water over it.

Patience Grasshopper!


I don't game so the terrain piece will be for display and photo opps.

There is a little scene in my head which will be on it.

Basically the whole thing will be a crossbreed between a terrain piece and a diorama.

Lots of animals / plants /creatures will be going about their business on this piece.


I have a vision of a few predators devouring a prey.

And some other stuff.


To be continued.






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14 minutes ago, robinh said:



A colorful feathered Velociraptor!    That would fit into the jungle so perfectly.    


Just remember to make them removable so you can use the scene as a backdrop for other characters.


All that goes on will be glued on.

I have to because of storage and the overall setting of the piece.

I will leave a spot for photo opps for new characters and creatures.


I also have a Jungle Photo Backdrop especially for that purpose.


Alas my Raptors are the oldschool kind without feathers.

I have been toying with the idea to sculpt those on, but I'm not sure if I'm capable of that.

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I think you are capable to sculpt the feathers on. 

 Worse case is you ask for advice from those here on the forum and then spend a week or two reading all the responses. ::D:


Really the worse thing that can happen is you don't like the results and scrape them off....   


sooo give it a try you will probably surprise yourself.





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1 hour ago, robinh said:

I think you are capable to sculpt the feathers on. 

 Worse case is you ask for advice from those here on the forum and then spend a week or two reading all the responses. ::D:


Really the worse thing that can happen is you don't like the results and scrape them off....   


sooo give it a try you will probably surprise yourself.








Ok, I have the original Ral Partha Velociraptors they are small, metal and Old School, and I have their babies, Bombshell Miniatures Raptor Hatchling ( Used one of those on the base of Drakh in my Lost World Project.)


Can I use Milliput for this or Pro Create? because I have those at the moment, I would have to order Green Stuff so I would prefer to go at it with one of those.

Would it do, putting a layer of the putty over the upper body, tail and "arms" and then use a sculpting tool when it is setting, to create feathers?


Anyone out there who can give me a clue how to sculpt feathers on these?

The Bombshell one is tiny, the others are small.


Maybe @TaleSpinner, @Sirithiliel, @Corporea can help me with this a bit?

So prefer Milliput or procreate.

Can I turn these oldschool raptors into feathered ones?


I would love to get them to look a bit like these:



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  • Moderator

Fuzzy feathers are a bit easier than the arm feathers will be.  Here is how I would approach it:


Make an armature for the wing Feathers

1.  Mix up some Miliput.

2. Press a small amount fairly flat between your lubricated fingers and stick one edge to the back of each fore arm, leaving a disk of putting sticking out where the wings will be.

3. With a metal tool or shaper, ensure that it is well adhered tot he arm and blended in.  Do not worry about the length of shape of the flat feather disk, as long as it is flat and roughly the same size and shape of the feathers.

4. Let it cure.

5. Gently use a file and sand paper to shape the flat disk into the shape of the feathers and make it as thin as possible without breaking it. You will later be sculpting the feather details in a thin sheet of procreate on top of this support structure.


I'll post the next steps later (I have a meeting now).  This should get you started though



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Thank you Talespinner!

I do hope I can pull that off.


As for now I'm turning a Toy Triceratops Skeleton into a fresher carcass for the Velociraptors to feast on.


I'm no real sculptor, so I will be happy if it all looks a bit believable in the end.

Vegetation will be aded later.


And some Protoceratops will make their appearance.











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I positioned the Raptors and Protoceratops.

The latter may change position, but for now here they are.


Started on the feathers.

Made a basic wingshape on the "arms" and a feather top for the tail.


I hope I did it right.

These are very small.


I do have sculpting tools, a set of 3 from GreenstuffWorld.


Is this somewhat right?


















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11 hours ago, robinh said:

Looks like the correct shape but may be a bit thick.  But don't listen to me, I would wait for the expert, @TaleSpinner to get back to you with good advice  :wacko:


Any thinner would cause the putty to tear.

I will also bulk out the bodies with putty when it is time to put feathers on those.


These Ral Partha Raptors are very small, the Reaper ones are twice their size easily, but those I will save for a large unit together with the Bones IV ones.

And those will be the fantasy Jurassic Park style.



Rereading Talespinners instructions.

I will next sand down the putty to make it thinner and try to get a basic feather shape.


I have also watched a few youtube vids on the subject.

Again, I'm no pro and I will be satisfied when it looks convincing enough.

I do look forward to paint the feathered versions in bright colours.


Carnivorous parrots anyone?

Edited by Glitterwolf
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  • Moderator

OK, good start.  I agree that that is about as thin as you can get milliput.  That stuff sucks for detail sculpting.  But, it is great for tool-ability.  So now take your dremel or sand paper and grind those down nice and thin.  You want it so you can just expose the arm metal in the front and have about 1-2 mm of milliput thickness in a nice even sheet coming off of the back of each arm.  Make sure to use a respirator, as the dust from the Milliput is toxic. Once you have that done, then start the next step:


Adding Furry Body Feathers:


1.  Using Procreate or GS (Milliput will not work for this), roll out a very thin sheet of the putty.  I smash mine thin.  You can use two old hotel key cards or similar smooth plastic to do this, just smear them with vaseline first.  You want the sheet to be  1 mm thick.


2.  Apply the sheet to the areas you want the furry feathers. You want to cut it and apply it in sections that you can work with, rear to front.  For instance, I'd do the tail first, then move on to the back legs, etc, working through all these steps in each area before moving on to the next area. Don't cover the areas with long feathers, yet.


3. Smooth down the sheet you applied ensuring that there are no air bubbles or finger prints.


4. Using a fine pointed metal tool (I use a mini spear point, but a slightly dulled hobby knife also works; you just want a nice point with a slight edge, but not sharp enough to cut you), stick the point in the sheet at the rear of the model about 1-2 mm into the sheet until you hit metal, then with a quick motion pull it back and up, pulling out a little tuft of putty. Move over a 1/2 mm and do this again, over and over.  You get a sort of circular motion with the tool as you go. when done you should have a ring of fur like putty at the edge of the sheet.


5. Move forward 2-3 mm and repeat step 4.


6. Repeat step 4 and 5 until the whole sheet is furry. 


7. At this point, it will probably look a bit too regular, almost stripey, so go back with your tool and add some chaos to the fur to make the rows blend together.


8. Repeat steps 1-7 for another area of the mini that needs fur.


9. Let everything cure before moving on to sculpting the large feathers (more on that later).



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