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03748 Lich - Dark Heaven Legends


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24 minutes ago, Lord of the Dish Pit said:

Very nice!


Many thanks!


28 minutes ago, Clearman said:

Very nice. I like the glowy rock and how it comes through his fingers.


Where did you source the plants?


Thank you!


The plants are "Barbed Bracken" by Citadel/Games Workshop.

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21 hours ago, paintybeard said:

Very nice indeed! The armour, robes and base are all very neatly done.


Thank you, he was a lovely mini to paint. Really enjoyed it.


20 hours ago, Saul said:

i love this.


Thanks, that's very kind of you!


19 hours ago, giyomuSan said:

cool work, good job on the robe, very nicely done


Thank you, I tried to keep his robes looking ancient & faded but still vibrant.


17 hours ago, Tjrez said:

very nice work , the highlight really make it stand out


Thank you!


15 hours ago, CorallineAlgae said:

Beautifully painted lich! The vibrancy to the colors are just... holy cow! Every part of it is excellent but I have to give extra praise for his face and the gold. He looks like the litch that destroyed Christmas. ::P:


Thank you, he's asked me to wish you a belated "Merry Hexmas!".....(Ahem). :lol:


14 hours ago, DavePgh said:

Awesome Lich! The glowing eyes, amulet & staff are really nice!


Thanks! I imagined that the business end of his staff was forcebly removed obtained from one of "Cadirith's" spidery spawnlings.


4 hours ago, NecroMancer said:

I really love the contrast you achieved on this one!  Great work!


Thanks! With a lot of my minis (this one included) I tend to start with a black basecoat & work my way up with the colours & don't go too light with the final highlight.


26 minutes ago, Othikent said:

Great work!


Many thanks!



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