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Sleeping Beauty

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I have been kicking around an idea of combining #50188 Sleeping Beauty and #03600 Praying Paladin in a mini diorama.. I have even gotten so far as to open their blisters and prime the paladin..

Then, tonight, I had an Idea!  See, last year when my kids and I were playing Frostgrave, I backed a kickstarter for some resin scenery .  As per usual, however, by the time the scenery arrived, they had lost interest in Frostgrave.

Combined with some iffy casts, I had put the box off to the side under my desk and forgotten about it..  until tonight, that is..


What we now see here was billed as a watchtower hill, but looks like a potential mausoleum.. 



Add a saddled horse, maybe a couple of other party members, and "Bob's your uncle!"


I'm going to need to invest in some green stuff to clean up the cast for the 'table' top where the pillars connect as they're way off at the moment..



Alternatively, I have a 'ruined palace' that might work as well.. 



The second won't need as much cleanup or modification to work, also leaving the watchtower for a dragon or something to perch on at some point as well.. 


decisions, decisions.. 

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In the frosty north you have ... frost , and icicles to help hide gaps ... in the jungles ivy and such ... moss in forest ... lots of options ... the watch mausoleum temple seems more dynamic ,  and more work.

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2 hours ago, eldamir said:

I have even gotten so far as to open their blisters

Well that's it then. No turning back now.



I find your ideas for the terrain and minis interesting and will curiously follow your progress.


Good luck!


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Introducing the rest of our intrepid band of adventurers...

Dicarus Darksword, Halfling    #03439
Nadia of the Blade #03409

Anirion, Wood Elf Wizard    #03491


Maybe it's cheating that all 3 were done last year, but hey.. money's not growing on trees this year and they fit the 'non-threatening pose' bill.



Either Dicarus has to ride behind the wizard or I'm going to need a pony of some sort eventually too.. or a dog mount!


And now, I suppose I need to actually paint something .. 


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