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Sleeping Beauty

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Looking over my unpainted pile, I think I'm going to replace Nadia with Winter Erryn, the bard from the HF kickstarter..  After all, one needs a way to document the moment!  Plus, her pose is a non-combat one (as are the majority of the ones in that KS that I got, actually)



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Painted Erryn up this weekend but managed to neglect to actually take pictures until I had pinned and glued her on..






Not happy that her clothes look shiny - perhaps the ultra-matt varnish that i ordered the other day will help with that.. 

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Got a start on the Beauty herself tonight.

Her blanket is Violet Red, the Roses are Blush Pink, the flowers are a concoction of Pale Lichen, Forest Green and Shadow Green.. The wood is Sepia Liner over white primer (I decided I liked the look, so didn't go any deeper on the wood)

Her skin gave me fits and I did it 3 times.. the final is fair skin, then flesh wash, then rosy skin, then another light coat of flesh wash and finally a light coat of rosy skin because that came out darker than I wanted still..


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