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How well do the Clear Bones paint?


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Are they more difficult to paint than the white or is it pretty much the same?


I was going to get a white (to paint) and an invis Kyphrixis but the white is out of stock... and now that the Invis one just came out I'm considering grabbing two and just painting one of them.





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In my experience, pretty much the same.  


I did the stones on my clear Kyphrixis with the same brown liner I use to prime all my other bones, and it's came out fine.  Same for the Water Weirds I did.


You can see it here (sort of):




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Theoretically the detail should be the same, but I can't be 100% sure.  Paint adheres just fine, and for a larger model like a dragon I'd say it should be too close to tell a difference.  I did order a clear Kyphrixis and I've got a half painted opaque one I can compare it to but you'll have to wait a few days for it to arrive at my house.  I just took a peek at my invisible ranger, and the detail is soft, but it's also soft on the regular Bones version.  Probably it depends on how picky you are, but Kyphrixis is an awesome model so it's hard to go too far wrong other than to not buy one at all.  :;):  

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The Reaper liners went on the translucent figure just fine from what I've experienced. Amd maintain the paint scheme. I've treated them just like the solid white/gray figures. Wash off mold release with warm water and dish washing soap, prime with liner, and apply paint.


See below images.




Some paint 


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