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The Monthly Mookstorm Project

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So, I've just finished thinning my herd, so to speak, and it looks like I'm going to have between seven and eight pounds of melt credit at Reapercon after tradein.


I've got a couple things in mind to pick up, but what I really want to do is up my RPG enemy game. Last time I did a melt (several years ago, someone took the metal for me) I wound up getting tons of cool PC minis that only some of got painted... This year, I think I'm going to try to pick out mobs of enemies and paint them up in groups: one type of enemy per month for a year, or as far as my melt will take me, until I have enough mooks for all my low-mid tier encounters. Partially because I need mooks, partially as a challenge to force me to step up my speed- and group- painting game, since I haven't done much painting this last year...


I've already had a few ideas, which I'll toss up as examples, but the basic idea is this: between 20 and 30 figures, some multiples, some singles if that works better, that work to cover many possible iterations of certain types of encounters.


For example:




This was the set I came up with that'd have everything I'd want for vampires: spawn, weaker vampires, beastshapes, giant bats, bat swarms...  quantities will probably change based on how much the minis weigh, but this'd be around 25 minis, so I'm guessing 9-11 oz at most, unless the giant bats are really heavy...


Now... If people could help me spitball ideas for eleven more of these, that'd be really helpful! Smaller monsters, preferably - I already have things like ogres, hobgoblins, orcs and bugbears in Bones - and not just types of catagory, but what you'd use with the main enemy? 


So far, my ideas are: Twig Blights (saprolings and the blighted dryad for sure, and wolves to round out forest encounters?) Kobolds (maybe young dragons? I found these great giant weasel minis from another company, too, but what else goes with Kobolds?) and Goblins ( a nice big group of the PF goblins, plus the riding one... If I could resculpt a few of those w/o the saddle, that'd be great, but IDK what else would go with them) and a month that's a medley of different floating sheets (cloakers, banshee, wraiths)... 

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Her are some suggestions:

Wimpy undead, like zombies, skeletons, a necro or two, a few ghouls and ghosts.

A themed cult with cult members, a few leader types, some summons or critters that goes with the cult's theme

Spider nest, lots of spiders, maybe a drider, some dark elves or an arachnic themed druid

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