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Mythic Battles: Pantheon 1.5


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I am in the U.S. I didn’t go all in on the original. I got the core and 2 addons iirc. They came on time and I had no errors. I really like the minis, but haven’t played the game yet. 


I am not really feeling the new minis in this second ks. So won’t be backing. But will likely return for the Norse one next year. 


I liked the Conan minis, but the Mythic ones were very much better. 

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5 hours ago, Maledrakh said:

Might many of the problems outlined above have to do with the american shipping partner more than anything else? My own experience with fulfilment of this game is good, but I am in Norway, and so have had to do with the European Pilibert. 


I got the main shipment which sadly was missing the "rise of the titans" expansion and a single hellhound from the core box. So I sent a missing items claim to Philibert via the link provided. The forms to fill out were a bit draconic but I do understand why as it reduces the possibility of misunderstanings drastically.


Maybe a week or two went by, I got a "please confirm" email which I replied to, and a week or so after that I got the missing items and fulfilment was complete. So that is a plus in my book. Sorry to hear about others having problems here.


anyway, I am in it for the lovely, lovely minis, and cannot comment on the gameplay.

You definitely had a much better experience.  Unfortunately, the problem with the US fulfillment partner is that they couldn't get any additional stock from Monolith to actually fulfill the missing items.  Supposedly Monolith was pulling stock from Asia to help with this, but that was at least 3 months ago.  And now they have switched partners - in theory.  So I'm really not expecting to get any of my outstanding items until they complete the reprints for this new KS.

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I'm also in the U.S. and had minimal problems with shipping. I got everything on time except for the RPG book, which Funagain said the post office lost. I also had one mini that was bent to an extreme that I was uncomfortable trying the hot water treatment with, and my core box was split at a cormer. I sent an e-mail to Funagain, and in about three weeks I had replacements for all three.


Gameplay wise I love it. There's so many different mechanics that play into effect, from the draft to the dice to card management. I haven't tried the scenarios yet, but skirmish is loads of fun, and I am not normally a skirmish player (I've never even tried it for Imperial Assault). I know it's just anecdotal, but when we demoed it at GenCon before the Kickstarter two of my friends who don't really buy boardgames liked it enough that they ended up backing. And one of the guys in my regular group said it's the most fun he's had with a game.


I don't know what effect Monolith having sole ownership will have, but I also really enjoy Conan, and I think a lot of people's complaints about that were way overblown. I'll definitely be back all in for Ragnarok, and unless they really screw something up, for Egypt as well. It's a bummer you've had such a lousy experience.

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