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The Fourth Android Collective! Back With A Vengeance!


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The Fourth Android Collective

 Welcome to the launch of The Fourth Android Collective.

This campaign, if successful, will see the expansion of the Android range of miniatures produced by Blind Beggar Miniatures,

This Fourth Collective of Androids will offer some of the more extreme versions of the 'Andy' Series, with a new selection of models which show how the Andy series can be customised for almost any role..


The 'Andy' Series....

The 'Andy' Series are based on an original design first conceived and created by Andym Industries (the MK1).

This original design was acquired by the BB Corporation where further research and development saw this pattern evolve into a range of models with differing specifications.

There are currently already twenty different models in production in the 'Andy' Series, This campaign will, hopefully, see the introduction of several more.


The New Models....

The new additions that the BB Corporation would like to put into production are the Mk's 21-26 shown here:


Details of the new Models and their functions will appear in regular Updates.


The Mk 27 Stretch Goal...

 Should the Funding Level reach £1200, the Mk 27 will be added to the Fourth Android Collective, taking the total of models in this Collective up to seven.


The Earlier Collectives.

Here are the miniatures from the First, Second and Third Collective campaigns.

Any, or even all, of these earlier Collectives can be added to your Pledge parcel if you wish.

The Original Android Collective, featuring Mk's 1-7,


To add the Original Collective to your Pledge, add £22 per set to your total.

The Second Android Collective, featuring Mk's 8-13 (also includes 'Barker', the Android dog, not pictured).


To add the Second Collective to your Pledge, add £23 per set to your total.

The Third Collective featuring Mk's 14-20.


To add the Third Collective to your Pledge, add £25 per set to your total.

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