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R.I.P. John Inman ( Mr. Humpries)

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Actor John Inman mostly known for his part as Mr. Humpries in the British Comedy "Are You Being Served" passed away at 71.


When I was young I had many a good laugh thanks to him.


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I was gonna say lol. Captain Peacock was the last (of the floor staff, anyway) to pass some years ago now (Rumbold may've outlived him; I can't quite recall).


Love this show even still. Here in 'Merica PBS would run a couple old episodes every Friday or Saturday night, back when I was a kid, and my family watched religiously. Good times. Found the box set reasonably enough priced to buy on eBay last summer and rejoiced greatly.


I still have yet to find a British sitcom that comes anywhere near capturing my interest and/or funny bone like it did, for whatever dumb reason.

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When I was working at a top government contractor's office, and we were in the test facility.

The standard phrase to use when you needed someone was: "Mr. XXXX are you Free?? 

and the whole place would giggle.

That's great comedy !

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