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Starting a new figure, from AoW this time.

Currently worked on the skin parts...and I could not skip the eye on this one haha 



Just for reference and info , I put the color used for this part ...( at least that will be a reminder for me what I used haha ).


Skin : Mix of Vallejo model color olive green and lime green and Reaper Heather Blue.

Nails and Teeth, Gum : Vallejo model color purple, Reaper Desert Sand and Bleached Linen

Also a pass of Army Painter Dark Tone Wash to renforce a bit shadow.

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a bit of progress on this guys, next part will be his cloak xd...scary things xd



Color used for this part :


Scale75 Color ( from their Leather Set ) : Mix between Black Leather, Orange Leather and Iroko and a bit of red leather

Also a pass of Army Painter Strong Tone only on recess and under shadow part.

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got the cloak done, maybe a bit to shy on pushing contrast but in other way this kind of drive the focus on his head and robe ...maybe ^^...

I can see i miss a spot on his back ouch , good to take photo to realize that ^^.



For this on , color I used :

Scale75 Color : Black Leather, Brown Leather, Orange Leather and Birch, Vallejo model color Olive Green, and Lime Green.

Light Pass on recess and under shadow parts with Army painter Dark Tone Wash.

Last a bit of moss green using Vallejo Weather Effect Slimy Green Dark .

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finally, I got the last parts done...and I am going to call it done so I can start on the basing for it.

I do have couple idea..but since I do also have an barbarian from AoW I wonder that he could ne cool to make a mini scene with those 2..this do not prevent me to start the base work anyway I can paint the barbarian after :)


well here is that orc completed...will do better photo after.


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Thanks, he look quite terrific expression wise too :D 


Made a little more nice photo of that guy ( I a bit accentuated contrast on the picture, just a bit ^^ ).

Next update will be onto the base, and I certainly going to go for a mini scene with the other barbarian figure I have...just need to think about the little story to create the set now.


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I started the base set and also thinking of what kind of set I am going to go with.




I kept those 3, with the top one being my initial idea.

I think I will do in a way the chracter can be removed so not fixed within the base , but that mostly in case i need them back alone ..so i will meed to do some nice cut so they fit well on the ground.


let me know if you have preference regarding the set between those 3 , I am not sure yet , but the position pf the tree is what will drive the rest of the base.

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Very slow progress but have to wait the pass of paint / wash for the rock side of the base dry.

Next , some pass of dry brush and starting to put the green moss wash where I want and add on top of that some real dried moss like stuff )..so it should start to get a bit more colors.


I did not use much yet my summer grass and tuff , so I think I am going to go for a rich green for the grass , foliage stuff mostly.

Will see how that goes.


Just for quick up some fancy picture of the base rock painted and washed, and with mister orc on it :D waiting for his barbarian friend :D



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