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77514: Iron Golem


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Found this guy and did a simple speed paint. But I didn't think it was enough, he just seems a bit plain. Since The Iron Golem has a breath weapon of poisons gas in D&D I decided to add a gas effect billowing around the head, to add some character and motion. Not sure I'm happy with it but as an experiment it worked ok.
Feedback appreciated
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Between the base providing an interesting pattern, the golem itself being a plain but respectable mass and the gas adding that extra little splash of something I think you're really on to something here. I thought it was magical fire first, it's rather pointy, but I'm not really any good at gas so I don't know if expecting something more rounded is correct. Maybe the golem could do with some more areas being washed? The side shots make me feel like the arms could do with something extra where the plates meet. It could just be the lighting.

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