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Haven’t posted anything in a while, so may as well break the silence with a WIP.  I cleaned up Mashaaf, glued it together and stuck it on a CD base.  Didn’t take pics until after the brown liner coat.






Then base coated all but the base.  The claws and leg things and tail thing got maroon red.  The belly got nmm gold shadow.  The upper abdomen got a sample purple color and I extended that to the bottom of the tentacles.  The face and upper tentacles got entrail pink.  The back and body got nightsky blue and the rocks on its back got walnut brown.  Finally I used holly berry for the “eye spots”


This is where it’s at right now:






Probably will need another coat of each but I’ll try to get the base and rocks on the back dry brushed first since that may mess up some other areas.



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Pulled out the pokorny paints to do the rocks.  First a heavy dry brush/wet brush of “base grey”.  When that was dry (probably should have waited a little longer but ...) did an actual dry brush of “cavern dry brush”.  Finally barely touched the tips with “stone edge” dry brush.  It’s okay if it’s a bit light right now since there will likely be some darker washes applied at some point.




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I think it’s time for another update.  Finally spread some more paint on this one.  Highlighted the belly, skin on the back and face, and the claws.  I’m pretty happy I was able to get it to where it looks less of a mess.  









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