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The Good, the Mod, and the Vertically Challenged: Bones 80026: Agatha Fox, Spy


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This is Reaper 80026, the Bones version of "Agatha Fox, Spy", sculpted by Andrew Rae.


She is a modish young lady in a raincoat and knee boots, nonchalantly easing a gun out of the handbag behind her back. It looks like the original sculpt had a collar or necklace or something, but I didn't see it in the Bones version.


WIP thread here. Comments and critiques are welcome, as always.

DSC_0326-Bones-80026-Agatha-Fox-DONE.jpg.e6d06ecb0639f1b66b2d6860b4f247c8.jpg   DSC_0330.jpg.5cc6ea0e3374385ca523b4ce51f1f78b.jpg


DSC_0327.jpg.ee959f91aa486b03e61e2afcbad3fd42.jpg   DSC_0332.jpg.d60c91667582200900917ec514fbac9d.jpg


DSC_0328.jpg.dc7db8cc7050c6fa1d19a59dae779178.jpg   DSC_0333.jpg.be42e4ef1b5b51cbb3a315c8d4b71e99.jpg

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She looks great as always.  Reminds me of those 70's watercolors of couples walking next to the Seine, or in Picadilly Circus or other places in Europe, that you'd always find street vendors selling to tourists.  I love those. I can see her on a rainy street, waiting near a little cafe...



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8 hours ago, paintybeard said:

Nice, and I like the sideways glance of her eyes. But green boots make me think of wellingtons, which seem an odd choice for a stealthy spy. 


That’s deliberate. (Check my tags!)


I have a pair of green Wellington boots I wear for gardening and when clearing the back drain during cloudbursts.


My first idea for her was totally Mod-ish and involved ‘60s makeup (heavy eyes, minimized mouth) and pink boots. But somebody had already painted that, so I decided instead to go for the disarmingly innocent Christopher Robin look.

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