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Salvete, Amici!


Phew ... some time since I wrote that last time ... haha!


Well then: Time to feel the might of the Roman Legion, the breast best army of ancient Europe!


I planned to be abscent from painting for some time more, but it happened that I got a more or less good reason to start again. A friend of mine who I have known for quite some time now - he is one of the master minds behind some of the Gallia to Arms builds - I decided to make a little present for him.


Anyway ... this guy is a great fan of the Roman legion and he even has an 28mm Roman army. He is creating his army a bit in the style of an Asterix Roman army, having bought some of the characters and using them in his force.


But he still misses a force commander - and that is where I come into play. On the last Tactica wargaming event, I got a female Roman centurion from the Hot&Dangerous brand and I immediately thought what a great force commander she would make. Alea iacta est!


I don't know what would be a better fit - his birthday or christmas - but I can decide that when I am as far as I want to be.


But I will not only give the figure to him. Nah - I think this is a great opportunity for me to get back into painting. So I used my social skills to ask about some of his concepts and I think now I have got a good idea of what I have to do.


And now it is time to MAKE A GREAT PRESENT AGAIN!




Those are all the parts I have got. The lady can either use a mirror or her helmet to check her hair. Really now? I mean ... use one or the other? Nah. Not with me. She will use the mirror, but I will put the helmet in front of her and cut away her arm, so that all parts are on the base.


And now for some basing!




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On 6/10/2018 at 3:17 PM, SisterMaryNapalm said:

Those are all the parts I have got. The lady can either use a mirror or her helmet to check her hair. Really now? I mean ... use one or the other? Nah. Not with me. She will use the mirror, but I will put the helmet in front of her and cut away her arm, so that all parts are on the base.


Two questions:

—where does the shield fit in?

—why does her arm need to be cut?

—and which arm was that?


Bother, that was three questions. And I’ve thought of a fourth:

—did you consider giving her a shield-bearer?  It’s very Period, a second figure could manage the shield and the helm, and be part of her entourage of messengers and runners, etc. 

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17 minutes ago, TGP said:


Two questions:

—where does the shield fit in?

—why does her arm need to be cut?

—and which arm was that?


Bother, that was three questions. And I’ve thought of a fourth:

—did you consider giving her a shield-bearer?  It’s very Period, a second figure could manage the shield and the helm, and be part of her entourage of messengers and runners, etc. 


The shield is for the right side of her body as some kind of support for her arm. . Her arm is cut because there are two spare parts, one using a mirror and one using her helmet as the mirror.


Nope. There will be no second man - first and foremost because I didn't think about it when I started the figure and now there is not enough space to put a second person on the base. (and then I would have to buy it and currently I don''t want to buy anymore figures)



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You can do it! Paint the thing! She's a cool figure. Remember: small scale figures are rarely expensive for a single one. So what if one doesn't turn out great? Awesome if it does, but painting is fun and you can learn from it. 


Note: A few months ago I made my dad paint a figure. He picked the Bones tavern wench holding beer. Dad hadn't painted in 30 years. He painted her just fine and she now lives on my windowsill. Yeah, she isn't perfect. She's special because family painted her. 

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Thanks you three,


Well, I don't want to go with simple green or other stuff to strip her. I basically stripped every figure since early '17, so if I continue, I don't need to bother painting. And as this is a present for someone, I don't want to go the "She's not pretty but unique" way either (which will be the outcome if I dive right into it now). I want to do it right. That's why I stop here for the time being and think about what is my plan. But ... I have no idea at the moment. I think I will give it some time to sit and develop and then go over it again.


But thank you for your thoughts and words. I appreciate it.

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It can't be helped. I have to start. Well then. Let's whip out the airbrush and do the thing.


For the time being, I plan to go with a look like Livia/Eve from the Xena franchise.


Though I know that Adrienne Wilkinson has a more caucasic skin, I will try to do a more bronze style skin. Like romans.


So I choose a slightly overexposed picture for reference so all the colours will pop out more.




And as I will start with the skin, my colours of choice will be:


Game Color Tan als Shadows


Model Colour Salmon Rose as base


And Game colour Off White, mixed with Salmon Rose for the highlights.


Any further thoughts?

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I am done for today. In all ways possible.


In short: Once again it's blotchy, its messy and it's not what I wanted or what makes me happy. The moment I was forced to lay aside the airbrush to continue with the brush, desaster struck (as always). Couldn't get the consistency I wanted. Once I thought it was right, color started to run everywhere other than the place it was supposed to be, so I put in some more colour, which made it too thick. On the other hand, I had to put on so many layers to cover up that already lost a lot of details. And even then the color, especially of the skin, doesn't look right. I don't know what the problem is. I don't understand it.


I lost more and more motivation up to the point that I was completely done and decided I would never again take up a brush. I guess having been in the situation I was in and then being forced to lay aside the brush for almost two years was just too long for me, and all those "breaks" I was suggested over and over again have severed my connection to the joy of painting.


And after she fell into the brush cleaning water (putting her aside to take up a tank), which left her breaking apart the stand (!!) she was on, I finally understood that I wouldn't have any chance of going any further. So I quit. At least for today. Tomorrow I will check what is salvageable. If she's ruined to the point that I cannot correct the mistake, I will really think about selling all my painting stuff and never do a miniature again. I had too many setbacks in the last two years and since then I didn't see any progress to at least back to what I was able to do, so there is no sense in continuing for me. And currently my frustration is at a point where it affects my happiness as well as my spare time.


And now I will read Oh! My Goddess - trying to ease my soul ... and after that I will find someone to eat.

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There have been times that I have gone through the same type of torment. I can identify with the situation, AND the feelings.

I don't tend to give up on things easily...actually I don't give up at all. SO it has been years since those traumatic experiences,

but I still can recall the urge to embed the source of my frustration in an unoffending wall.The "whats-the-use-I'll-never-be-good"

feelings don't last as long as the need to create something. I'm still at it decades later & sometimes I think I'm getting pretty good

at it all.

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I understand the frustration.

However I have also seen your work you've posted before, that looks good.

So you can do it.

Of course having fun should be the main thing in the hobby, I get that things sometimes can be so annoying that one want to quit.

I have had this feeling as well a few times, especially when a carefully painted mini decided to fall apart due to bad glue or stuff like that.


I do hope you can find back the joy in the hobby again.

Maybe in this case a green bath might save her.

I have no experience with airbrushes, I stick to my brushes, I think those give me more control over the paint.

Good luck!

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    • By SisterMaryNapalm
      Hello everyone,
      A new piece of work.
      This time it's a WWII themed diorama, 1/72 scale (which makes around half the size of a 28mm figure. The diorama itself has around the size of two smartphones.
      The whole project is my entry to a painting competition in a German forum and the first finished work since February 2020 - so one year ago.
      The main model, PzKpfw IV Ausf. J, is almost 25 years old. I got this model when I was a kid, and I painted it thickly using email colours, but I never assembled it. Last August, when I moved, I found the model and gave it an overhaul, and when February arrived, I took my time to paint it, do the figures and the diorama.
      As always: If you like what you see, and you have nothing more to say, leave a like as a nod to my participation in the forums. I don't need "nice", "cool", "excellent" or "awesome", because those words are used way too frequently to mean anything.













      When I have got time, I need to get some plywood to cover the outside of the diorama, but, to be honest - I am way too lazy to do it now. lol.
      Check my Instagram page for other work, if you like:

    • By lazarp
      Modified his helmet and gave him a shield 

      Before the conversion:

    • By SisterMaryNapalm
      Haven't posted this little project here until now, because I was too lazy to translate it and on top of that not sure if it was too much skin or not enough,
      so I first had to browse through other pieces of KDM work to check if it was okay.
      Found the exact same picture of one of my references, so I thought: Okay - I can try to translate it now.
      After my surprisingly effective try to paint skin on this fellow (check ->here<-) I thought: Why not try and replicate the result on another figure. So I browsed through my pile of shame and found a KDM miniature with barely any clothes on her. So I thought: What perfect way to train smooth transitions.
      So after wiping off the dust and priming her ...


      I started working on the base layers and first shadows.




      After I had applied some more shadows and highlights, I noticed I had defined the thin red line between the muscles of her thigh a bit too strong ...

      And in the process of painting her feet, I somehow lost her toes - Oh, my god!




      So while I was working on the other parts of her body and slowly building up the paint, I tried to work on her right thigh and on her right foot and get back the definition of the toes.
      So after a full day of recovery operations, I finally had a look at my corrections and was surprised ...

      In the end I had undone all my previous work and recreated the wrong transition ...

      But I found the toes! Yay!

      The outlining was a bit too strong, so I had to correct that as well ...

      But I managed to make her skin surprisingly smooth.

      In the end, I had to repaint the whole muscle section I worked on for a long time.
      But now she's got beautiful buns and thighs
      buns and thighs
      Time for me to map out the other body parts ... making progress. Wonderful!




      And while I am fighting her skin, Rhini took a reference book for NMM (In German, I used this to joke about metal painting rhinos - but unfortunately this only work in German)

      But ... to be honest. I have no idea how I have to paint her dagger. I really don't know. I've got to think about it. I've painted NMM only once - it was okay, but not enough to make me feel safe doing it.
      Well ... we will see.
    • By SisterMaryNapalm
      Yes! We can do it again! Let's make a tank! Let's make a beautiful tank!
      Once again, it's a diorama project based on a game scene, once again, it's Combat Mission.
      In this particular diorama, the commander of a Panzer III M is a reallylucky  person. In a shootout during the Let's Play of German wargaming channel "TaktikfuchsTV", his Panzer III got hit around 20-25 times, prompting everyone to believe that this particular tank was dead. And I mean ... DEAD!
      But to everyone's surprise, the crew reentered the vehicle and drove away - going like:

      Here's the scene:
      Kauder reenters his tank (In German)
      So I got me a commanders figure and a tank ...
      First off, some pictures to see what this project will look like:







      So I got me a Panzer III from Tamiya and started to do some minor conversions ... and over the course of one afternoon, this vehicle was finished.


      I am really proud of those selfmade smoke launchers.


      The vehicle will be displayed with open hatches. That's a challenge due to the really lame interior, but that's not a problem. I'll use colors to make the less detailed parts dark and the detailed parts white - I hope that will work!
      Tomorrow I'll go over the armor and do the shell damages. The only thing I am not certain about is the frontal armor provided by the spare tracks.
      I don't know how those look when they are hit. They are pretty massive and I simply cannot imagine them looking the same way as a normal armor plate when hit.
      I've got to dig deeper into it.
    • By SisterMaryNapalm
      So, after quite some time, it's time to present some minis again. This time it's a group of Forge Worlds Death Korps of Krieg soldiers.
      Those are a few prototype miniatures for a friends Imperial Guard army. If he likes the paintjob, we'll do them all in this pattern.




      Oh, yeah - and just in case anyone goes "nice" or "awesome" or "excellent" again - HE'S WATCHING YOU.

      If you really don't have got anything else to say, leave me a "like" instead. I take a "like" as a nod to my participation in this forum. A "nice" is getting me nowhere.
      So long.
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