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I started this figure to be a slightly overenthusiastic Russian bodyguard for Vampire: The Masquerade. When I finished her the GM said she would better serve as a character who is a Mage: The Ascension Void Engineer soldier, basically a space marine.


This was also a slight experiment in the sort of colorless blonde character with invisible eyebrows, except I gave her really heavy eye makeup. She isn't really wide-eyed, but her blue eyes are very pale, giving a staring effect.


According to Hasslefree's flavor text her two big guns are Heckler & Koch MP5Ks. A little Googling tells me that the MP5K is of German design, but also made in Iran and Turkey, and is "the ultimate close-quarters weapon, created for use in very confined spaces". From guns I know nothing, but okay.


There is no WIP thread, but comments and questions are welcome.















DSC_0453-face.jpg.4f2ab5c2baa3cd0db6b3822edf95ffe4.jpg   DSC_0454-face.jpg.cb2b58c06432c2c2840b4624f87dc2f4.jpg   DSC_0447-face.jpg.23551207bc98d6cb7a81ceaa134043b1.jpg

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34 minutes ago, paintybeard said:

One of the few Hasslefree figures I haven't got... Now you've made me want to paint her!


She was a lot of fun.


I just realized I did start a WIP thread for her ... over a year ago, and it didn’t go anywhere after the first post. Oh well, here’s a look at the first scrabbly layers anyway: 


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