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Epoxy Resin display piece WIP

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Ok, so I have the first coat of the sealing resin applied. Still drying, and still needs another coat on the front and one on the back. I LOVE the way the red in the wood jumps out with the resin on it, and makes me extremely happy I chose this wood for the table I'll build! Getting close to being done!




Not sure why it's flipping it upside down when I edited it to be right side up.... Oh well, you get the point :-)

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Here it is taken out of the area I used to put the top resin on. Still need to touch up sand the back and put a layer of the gloss resin on there so that it's as crystal clear as I can make it, and then I need to do one final "flood" coat to smooth out the imperfections on the surface, but I've been enjoying this so far!



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So, one point of info for anyone thinking about doing the live edge wood for tables/art pieces/whatever. Be careful when you work around the bark. Learned this the hard way after doing the sanding on the bark for the test piece and then doing the main cuts this weekend on the slabs for the table I'm building. There apparently was poison ivy oil in the bark of the slabs I used and I am now having to do the steroid treatment to get rid of it since the saw dust from the bark covered my arms and my neck... Fun fun. Haven't finished the last coat of the above piece yet, only as I want to do the final coat the same time I do the final coat on the table.

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Haven't made a lot of progress on the test piece, as I am focusing on the table at the moment (going to do the final coat of both at the same time to save mess), but just in case anyone is interested, these are the slabs that the test piece's wood came from :) After suiting up to keep from getting more poison ivy, I did some sanding on the first slab last night :) Aside from the poison ivy, I am loving both of these projects! This lumber easy to work with and the grain patterns are fantastic! Not directly miniature related, but definitely related to this diorama build and thought it was worth sharing :D




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On 7/12/2018 at 1:39 PM, LarsM said:

This is GREAT!.. really great, and different from anything else I have seen.


Thanks :) I figured it would be a cool way to make a conversation piece, and try my hand at casting resin before building my table. I actually have the table almost 75% complete, just have to wait on another batch of resin (underestimated what I needed). Then, once I have the casting done for the table, some sanding, then I can do the last coats of resin for this piece and the table... One bad thing about my wife and I working full time and having a 3 year old is not having a lot of time to devote to something like this without taking vacation time.

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It's been a while since I posted anything on this, mainly because I was trying to get the table done so I could put the finishing touches on it and this on at the same time. Got the table done, and I think I am about ready to call this done. I tried to make the edges sharp, but I haven't gotten the finer points of working with this resin down, apparently, and it has a bit of imperfections on the back that bother me, but overall I like how it turned out. Also got the table finished (and started another one LOL). Seems like every time I tried to touch something up, though, it made me have something else to touch up. I accidentally got some blue metallic powder on it from the other table I started, and then poured another coating of resin over top of it without realizing it, and then just said, screw it, it's done.


Here's the pretty much finished product:



And, if you have any interest, here is the table that I made with the wood that this piece came from:


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On 10/21/2018 at 9:51 AM, BLZeebub said:

Whoa!  What is that down the middle and on the left?!  It looks amazing.


It's a metallic powder embedded in casting resin. It's a really cool concept that was making the rounds on Facebook in a youtube video  a while back, which is what inspired me to do this table. The cool thing is, that is actually glass smooth, the texture is actually *inside* the resin, and the metallic powder settles in such a way to give that effect. It was very easy to get it to do that, but I have to agree, I love the look of it :) The coffee table I'm building right now has that same look, but a really electric blue looking metallic powder instead of the black. (youtube link: Stone Coat Countertops Lava Table)

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