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Okay, I promise I'll finish one of these threads one day. But in the meantime I've started painting the Bones Sphinx. I've already painted up the wings, I've just got a few little things to do. I do want to thank @Pochi for the inspiration for the wings. 











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Did a wash on the wings to bring out the feathers a little more, need to work on the details on the "eyes" on the inside of the wings simce the was brought them down a lot more than I'd have liked it to.



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Working on the highlights and shadows still but going to go ahead and do the eyes because I really don't want to mess up the face.


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5 minutes ago, Kuroneko said:

I think the eyes look great! They really look like the ones from hieroglyphics :)




Thanks! I accidentally painted over half of her left eye in trying to fix the rest of the face. So, I need to try to fix that before I go further.

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I /think/ I've got them as even as I can. Also, now with eyebrows! Need to figure out how to smooth things out a bit so I really don't have to strip it.



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4 hours ago, SparrowMarie said:

I put some eye shadow on and a little lip color. Not sure how I feel about it. Thoughts?



It's nice, although I think she might look nicer with darker lips. Like a dark reddish brown. It's subtle, but can accentuate the cat element on this specific figure. I googled for some images to kinda show what I mean. Although, if you are looking to give her a more glamorous look I think you did a nice job. 






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