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Fox Critter Rogue Camp Diorama WIP

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Hi everyone, I started working on the display diorama for the Fox Critters. I'm using masonite hardboard to build up some ground relief and create a pond in the right corner.

I plan to build a tente and I will also use various accessories and artificial trees to complete the scene.



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I like the concept. I think your base is way to big. Keeping it smaller will make it easier to view, easier to build and reduce the amount of sheer dead space that you will have to deal with. While it doesn't sound like this would be for a competition you can read this post: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/68535-some-thoughts-on-dioramas/&tab=comments#comment-1357297 for more ideas.

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Thanks for the link @Heisler, there are many interesting topics in your text. There will be many trees on my diorama, especially at the back, which will surround the scene and define the space where the action takes place. The focal point will be the camp fire and there will be mushrooms, bushes and other elements to fill the space. The tent will cover most of the right part of the diorama.


As I mentioned in my Fox Critter on interchangeable base post, there will be magnet encrusted in the socket of the diorama to hold and display all the models together. It will then be possible to move each Fox from the diorama to any of the individual base. Here's a picture of the hardboard with cutouts glued to the diorama base.



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4 hours ago, LarsM said:

Uuhh.. I like where this is going. 

The good thing about a big diorama is you can work on a lot of little details and stuff.. Small animals/creatures, fish in the pond, weird shaped rocks.. 

Just remember: if the weirdly shaped rock starts talking, stab it and light it in fire. ^_^

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Some more progress this week. I painted the fire camp and two chest under which I glued small magnet. The magnet will help to hold the accessories in place while they're display on the diorama but it will also be able to use them for game play. I also started working on the tente. It's built with natural cedar branches, cardboard and a piece of fabric.



























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14 hours ago, Metalchaos said:

It is, I don't have as much free time as I would like to work on it but I'll get there.


There are things that shouldn't be rushed. Creating things is an experience to be savored. 

AND, the more time you  spend savoring, the greater the entertainment value you have derived from your hobby bucks.

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