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Legends of Taltos:Crusaders

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"Nah, I didn't think that you were jealous." Ben replies with a grin. "And I like givin' you stuff." His face turns a bit red, but he maintains eye contact with her all the same. "I hope you like it."

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While Rune is waiting for the royal messengers, he overhears the exchange between Janara and the little orc boy. Although he has only been with these companions from Denelspire for a short while, he realizes the attatchment between the lady half-orc and the orc child. For some reason that is totally foreign to the dogma of his people, he has become fond of Bhogmur himself, and feels the need to try and help Janara out of her awkwardness. He walks up to the two and addresses the child.


"Bhogmur," he begins in his gruff voice, "Listen to me now. This lady, Janara, loves you very much, as does Aridwyn, and everyone in this group. We want only the best for you. Your decision to stay and help Zeke is a noble thing, and makes us all very proud. It honors your mother and sister, as well as yourself. Helping others, regardless of your own needs and wants, is perhaps the greatest thing there is. But, in your stay here, please do not forget what both Aridwyn and Janara have taught you. Remember them, and the love they have given unto you. Share that love, with whomever you shall meet."


He gives a sympathetic look to Janara before continuing. "Know this, young Bhogmur, that love is the strongest of all feelings, even more so than hate or want, and that love can and will triumph when all others fail. But, do not forget the example of strength that these two women have taught you. The will to stand for what is right and true. Be wary of the temptation of corruption, and always mindful of evil. I have no doubt that you will see your mother and sister again, and that you will make them proud with your actions."


With these words, the dwarf leans forward and kisses the young orc on the forhead. "I hereby name you Dwarf-friend," he says, "May the blessings of the Soulfather and the Master Smith be upon you."

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