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Legends of Taltos:Crusaders

Steven Page

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The hall erupts into a sea of confusion, as many scramble to get away from the abomination....Others however, react with the coolness and courage that has marked their existence...


Joe barrels out of the pew, howling like a wolf, and swinging his greataxe in a mighty arc, Janara right behind him...They attack the legs on the left side, as George hews at the right, denouncing the creature as "vile filth, and an offence to the Father." Icor and gore spray across the room as the three heroes hit home.


Jasmine moves out of reach, while praying resistance upon her friend George, to protect him against spells and poisons.


Fin, awakening on the bench, reaches out finger and thumb. and attempts to squash the spider he thinks is dangling before his eyes...


The fiend, badly wounded, launches itself 15 feet above the crowd, seeking a respite from the savage assault. It deftly counters a spell of "blindness" launched by Rai....only to be struck by one of Malachias' two arrows...


Erik, Licia and Roman move in cursing the beast for a coward and poltroon as it evades their swings.....Ben misses it with a knife.....and from the back of the room, a low chant is heard from the priestess Aeolene, and a glimmering tritalophon appears and launches at the monster, dealing it yet more damage.....


...and more sounds are heard from the hole in the floor......




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Without word, George tosses a smile and a salute at Jasmine - he's making sure she's in a relatively safe place but doesn't want her to know that.


He then turns back to the hole as he hears what he thinks is more coming. "Brother Roman! Brother Erik! More approach!"

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Hearing the activity in the hole, Joe jumps in, swinging his axe in an overhead arc. He sunders a surprised darkspawn with the violent attack. George moves in to help the half=orc, only to be bumped in the melee, and fall in behind him. Three darkspawn move in on Joe and his fallen companion. Joe takes a rapier wound to the arm...


Janara helps Duke Gerard to his feet. He is unhurt, and immediately orders a general defense put in place. Officers begin to take charge outside the chapel.


The spider abomination drops from the ceiling, attacking Bootknife as it does. He dodges a shortsword and a bite, but feels the sting of a sword cutting at his ribs...


Rai, grim determination set on her face, throws her hand out toward the fiend. There is a disturbance in the ether, and a smell of scorched garbage....and the beast collapses, dead....


Licia and Malachias try to assist Joe and George, but have a poor angle on the tunnel-bound enemies....Erik, though, delivers a mighty blow to one standing over George, dropping it instantly.


Aeolene's magic weapon moves into the hole, seeking out new foes...it finds one and eliminates it....Ben sails a dagger at the darkspawn that has wounded Joe...


Roman jumps into the hole and charges the next wave of darkspawn, even as he calls down the protection of Auerelius. His strike is true, and now only three of the corrupt elves face him.....




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The smell of ichor and burnt spider filled the chapel like a profaning cloud. The corpse of the monster lay in several pieces on the floor, and many of Janara's companions had already begun a counter-attack down in the hole from which the spider-monster had emerged.


Assured that the Duke was unhurt, Janara took a quick look at those who remained above-ground to see if her healing-gifts were needed there. Meanwhile, the magical glowing tritalaphon that Aeolene had summoned went down into the hole seeking another enemy. Aeolene had not been harmed, nor had Malachias, the lady-mage or George's brown-skinned friend. Yvette was nowhere to be seen, but Janara was pretty certain Malachias had sent her to get help. She did not see Fin at all, and suspected he had fled the chapel along with the panicking Nuns.


Hearing the shouts of her friends coming from the hole in the floor, she collected her borrowed longsword, wiped the ichor from its grip onto her newly-ruined dress, and went to join those in the tunnel where her sword or her gifts were more likely to be needed.

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The heroes surge into the tunnel seeking foes to smite. Joe's battle-lust is on, and he swings his axe with deadly results. George locks swords with a gifted swordswoman, and the outcome remained in doubt....suddenly a small cloaked elf leaped into the tunnel, shouting "Whoaaaa" and flashing two rapiers with horrifying precision. Jasmine danced her way through the combatants to lay a hand on Joe's frightful wound. He whispered a quite prayer and the bleeding slowed noticably....

Janara was fulfilling the same mission on Bootknife Ben, with excellent results. Rai casts two more of her missiles into the fray, dropping another darkspawn.


Licia looked to the right of the chapel, and shouted a warning as the door sundered.

More darkspawn poured through. Malachias loosed two arrows, hitting one of the front runners, only to be bowled over by one, suffering a wound in the process. Licia struck down the first to reach her, and duke Gerard stepped in, felling two with his mighty axe.


Erik strode into the tunnel breach cleaving through two of the remaining corruptions, then turning back to help on the flank....Ben scambled out of the now cleared hole to assist Rai and Aeolene. the cleric again directed her glowing weapon as it struck down another living blasphemey....


...and as Roman Caine surveyed the damage in the tunnel, he heard a sound that told him his test had arrived.....a winged female abomination flies out of the tunnel, swinging a broadsword, cackling maniacally....Roman side-steps, his sword crackling with blue light. He strikes with grace and precision rending one of the wings and arms of the fiend. It howls in agony....



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Seeing another wave of darkspawn coming up the tunnel behind the winged monster, Joe places himself between them and Jasmine, and bellows a warcry

"'Reel-ee-us!" then charges....George finishes the tough adversary he had engaged earlier, then move to stop the next rush. Fin takes down another foe.Janara gives a lesson with the longsword to a fresh opponent. Rai launches a magical arrow of acid at a leader, only to miss. Licia struggles with a stronger foe....Malachias manages to escape his attacker, with the help of a dagger to the ribs.....Erik cuts down the darkspawn threatening Licia, and moves closer to guard Aeolene.


The monster facing Roman leers and hisses, then lashes out with the broadsword, catching him a strong blow. Blood flows, but so does the blessings of Aurellius. the paladin strikes back killing the foul creature.


The mob of darkspawn move up the tunnel, inflicting wounds on each of the heroes therein. George is sorely pressed by four of the enemy, the others by two each.


Above ground, the threat seems over, as Broderick and Malcolm seal off the outside of the yard.....



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Hearing Rai's warning followed by her arcane words, and seeing the others retreating away from the seemingly endless tide of darkspawn, Janara knew there was battle-magic being conjured. She tried to keep up a good defense against her attackers while retracing her steps back toward the tunnel entrance to allow Rai to cast the spell. She noticed, though, that Rai's warning had been ignored by one.




She supposed it was pretty well useless to convince him to cease his berserker assault at this time. He was wild-eyed and howling, cutting through darkspawn like they were cornstalks; and Janara knew that only a total victory or a wallop to the head would be enough to stop him now.



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