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What Board Game Did You Just Play and How Did You Like It?


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On 2/19/2020 at 11:17 PM, Werkrobotwerk said:

I played dune. 

I was the fremen. 

It was a very fun game. I want to try it again with all 6 players. 


I have Rex, which was the rebranded version of Dune, and I was scared off of it right after I bought it.  My goal this year is to get it to the table, but it needs 6 people.  


My friend and I went to Total Confusion (Con?) this weekend.  It is half board gaming and half RPG, but I went strictly for the board gaming.  The gaming library is pretty small but we got a few new to us games to the table.  We played Imhotep Duel, which was OK, but very fiddly.  I was hoping to use it for a lunch game, but it takes up too much table space and has too many little pieces.  

653579809_ImhotepDuel1.thumb.jpeg.07cf5dfe76f0a663794f7c111e499e4c.jpeg 16694772_IMHOTEPDuel2.thumb.jpeg.368598318fe99aa0cd8efdbf66daba33.jpeg


Next was Azul: Summer Pavilion.  I have regular Azul, and Summer Pavilion is similar to it, however we played early in the morning and I hadn't had my caffeine yet so we screwed up scoring.  I prefer the regular Azul at this point, but I can't stress enough that I needed more brain power than I brought to the table, so that may have been an issue.  


Finally was Imperial Settlers.  We roped in two other people and played a 4 player game.  My friend and I were familiar with 51st State, which is a very similar game, so it was an easy learn.  Fun game but I think I prefer 51st State.  




Then on Saturday I hosted a game night with friends.  My one friend showed up early so we tried to beat our Legendary Marvel Cinematic Universe - Captain America: Civil War setup, but we lost.  All the henchmen were at the bottom of the villain deck so that may have been poor shuffling on my part.  Still, its a tough mission.  


We also played Onitama while waiting for everyone else to show up.  That's a great two player, chess like game.  




Once everyone else showed up, we played Mission: Red Planet, which is always fun with 6, and a small game someone got from Germany called Texas Showdown.  Texas Showdown was a lot more fun than I was expecting.  It is a trick taking game where you want to avoid taking tricks.  The deck is 60 cards of all different numbers and 6 unevenly distributed suits.  You must follow suit if possible, but as soon as you break suit, that new suit can also be followed.  Highest card in the most numerous suit takes the trick, but if there are the same number of cards in multiple suits, the highest card takes the trick.  Super fun, but not readily available in the US yet.  



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1 minute ago, Dilvish the Deliverer said:

Sorry I missed you at Totalcon!  Iwas on the RPG side all con.  I did pick up a western steampunk card building game from one of the vendors but havent played it yet.


I was there Thursday only.  I probably should have looked around for people I knew but honestly was just there to scope the convention out.  

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11 hours ago, Dilvish the Deliverer said:

Played a bunch of Widget Ridge over the last week.  A couple of games at work and taught my youngest daughter the game yesterday.  She almost had me, but the engine I was building finally kicked in and I was able to come from behind for the win.




My friend came up for PAXEast this weekend.  She recently got that and wanted to play with me when she got here...but she left it at home.  Also, we had plans to play a game all the way through...



CLANK! Legacy is a version of CLANK! with the Acquisitions Incorporated...theme?  AI is the D&D group that the Penny Arcade people use for their games.  CLANK! doesn't strictly have the D&D license, but it is close enough.  Its also has great flavor text for most of the cards and monsters like the Globulous Prism, instead of the better known Gelatinous Cube.  


CLANK! is a deck building game, where you delve some sort of treasure laden location in an attempt to grab an artifact and as much loot as you can carry, then make it back to home base alive.   The Legacy bit ads a story line where you must also race against your arch rivals, Dran Enterprises, in order to explore and improve the local area.  So not only are you hunting treasures, but you are also completing (or failing!) missions.  This will cause you to add cards, destroy things in the game (mostly cards) and add new locations, or modify current locations on the board (with stickers).  After the final game of the campaign, you can go back and play CLANK! with the new boards and new cards, but without any of the story line elements.   


It was a LOT of fun and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys CLANK! and has a group of people they can play with regularly.  My friend was coming up for PAXEast and we decided to plow through it while she was up here.  Her husband and other gaming friends are adverse to destroying game pieces, so she can't convince them to play.  


SPOILERS in the form of destroyed game pieces - 



2020-03-02_14_09_33.thumb.jpg.447cf3a2ee66f9e77941261c7dfd1308.jpg 2020-03-01_16_06_57.thumb.jpg.23b700261f057bb9b510af97f788012e.jpg



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So I convinced one of my friends to back Pret-a-Porter a while back and we finally got it to the table on Saturday.  Pret-a-Porter is about building your clothing design company and putting your designs on show every quarter to make money.  It is part worker placement and part engine building.  The game is divided into 4 quarters (just like a year) and each quarter has two Working Rounds followed by one Show Round.  During the working rounds, you can improve your company with contracts (cheap, but degrade with time), employees (free to hire but increase your upkeep) and buildings (expensive to buy and upkeep, but allow for more employees) as well as pick up designs and materials to create your designs, or get credit from the bank.  In the third round of the quarter, you put forth a set and it will earn awards based on Quality, Trendiness, Public Relations and the size of the set.  You will get awards which translate into victory points and sell off your collection for a large boost of income.  


The game has a lot of moving parts, but I like how it breaks them down into manageable bites.  It took a bit longer than what it said on the box, but it was a full 4 player game and it was everyone's first time. All in all I think I would recommend it to anyone. 


The main board-



My player board (near the end of the game)-



My final set (the sport set) and all the sets available in the game (you play with one of each color, I think some were Kickstarter exclusive)-

2020-03-14_21_55_34.thumb.jpg.65a104c245f958cb9d88adf9ec705bc9.jpg 2020-03-14_23_21_22.thumb.jpg.daea1beeceaa0e6f6c663e7c3b0fdc2e.jpg

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Play Down Force, an asymmetrical racing game last night.  We LOVED it.  Very simple rules but the ability to block one another in the tight curves and most points being generated from betting on which car will win, even if it's not yours.  It was also very quick to play, which is added bonus.  Highly recommended.  



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Do you know what can be played solo?  Legendary!  I've set that up and decided to take myself through the MCU (though I need to wait for Heroes of Asgard for Thor).  I'm not playing this as a true solo, but rather I'm playing fully co-operative with two hands.  


I played through (and beat) Iron Man 1 and The Incredible Hulk.  


For Iron Man 1, I used the Vulture as a stand-in villain for Iron Monger even though it isn't a perfect fit.  The heroes were Iron Man, Iron Man Noir, Phil Coulson, Happy Hogan and Tony Stark.  Iron Monger was trying to "Steal the Weaponized Plutonium", which, combined with Vulture's ability, made villains get tougher as the game went on.  AND the henchmen I used did the same.  It made for an interesting challenge.


The mastermind for The Incredible Hulk was General "Thunderbolt" Ross, who transforms into the Red Hulk.  This worked for me as I envisioned the Red Hulk standing in for Abomination.  The heroes were Hulk, Bruce Banner, Grey Hulk, Hulkling and Skaar, Son of Hulk.  Not exactly movie accurate but about as good as I could get with the tools at hand.  General Ross was Upgrading the Mutant Hunting Super Sentinels (or Hulk Hunting Cape Killers in this case), another mission where the enemies got stronger the longer the game went on.  After a couple of false starts because I screwed up the rules, Hulk came out on top, as expected.  


Iron Man vs Iron Monger (as played by Vulture)



Hulk vs General "Thunderbolt" Ross


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Ok, continuing down the MCU path I played Iron Man 2 and Captain America: The First Avenger.  (Thor is on hold until the new expansion arrives at my door, which should be soon).  


For Iron Man 2, I had Kingpin (as a stand-in for Justin Hammer) try to Build and Army of Annihilation/Doom Bots to represent his attempt to mass produce the Iron Man armor and eventually the robots he wound up building.  I couldn't find a Whiplash villain, so I added in his team, Masters of Evil, as well as the Streets of NY and Maggia Goons as henchmen.  The Doom Bots were part of the scheme, and just went from the KO pile to being next to the Mastermind.  Too many next to the Mastermind and you lost, and the schemes KO'ed them from your victory pile, so you couldn't horde them there.  One of the Bots made it onto the board due to a Fight ability, I believe.  This actually makes it impossible for the Master Mind to win this scheme (until it is KO'ed).  Team Good Guy consisted of Iron Man, Happy Hogan, Tony Stark, War Machine and Black Widow.  Sadly War Machine saw very little time as I wound up having to KO the only card of his I bought.  Black Widow won the game thanks to tons of bystanders.  The cool thing about this game was that I wound up having very thin decks for both my hands.  




Red Skull tried to "Crush Them With My Bare Hands", which turns scheme twists into Master Strikes.  He led Hydra, Hydra Elite and the Hydra Base henchmen against Captain America, Captain America 1941, Agent X-13 (Peggy Carter), Winter Soldier and Nick Fury.  Winter Soldier is really the only version of Bucky I can add, and Nick Fury is a stand in for Tommy Lee Jones' character.  It was fun, but Red Skull is a pushover and the Scheme was not enough to stop me from steamrolling him.  





I can't be the ONLY person playing board games on lockdown. What are you playing? 

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My gaming group, all obeying the current restrictions, decided to try digital last night.  We loaded up Board Game Arena, I snagged a premium pass for the month and in a couple hours we hashed through 2 games each of Roll for the Galaxy, 7 Wonders and Tokaido, with the later requiring the most time as we play it the least and it had the least amount of pop-ups and helpful notes.  We trash talked over Discord and it was almost like a normal gaming night.  While I will always prefer to play with the board, pieces, and people in the room, there were definitely a couple attendees who preferred the faster game, no set-up or tear down and the fact that the platform does all the math so figuring out who won at the end of the game doesn't take 15 minutes.  The math isn't always obvious when the computer is doing it though, which isn't great either.  There were no expansions for Roll for the Galaxy or 7 Wonders as well. 


In a more physical form, Mrs. Rahz, myself and the 2 Rahzlings have been playing board games with dinner a couple times a week.  With the kids getting a bit older, we're moving up to King Domino, Settlers of Catan and the base rules for Pandemic (I know, a little on the nose these days...). Later this week, we add the expansion to King Domino, Path of Giants now that the kids have got the base game down.  Magic the Gathering has also proven to be a fan with both kids so we've dusted off the wife's old decks and my own and there have been a good number of spells slung across the basement. 


A few matches of various Zombicide have also happened on the weekends and today we're supposed to have a TMNT Zombicide game.  Will have to find a good mission to accompany our 4 mutant turtles.   


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8 hours ago, Unit04 said:

I can't be the ONLY person playing board games on lockdown. What are you playing? 


Well, I've been playing plenty of Lords of Waterdeep (tablet version).  I'm going to have to spring for the additions one of these days, but I'm trying to get a few more achievements done first.

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I'm a bit behind so I'll break this into multiple posts over multiple days.  


First off, I got a new mat and it arrived on Easter!  As a comic book person and a religious person, I don't know if getting the Dark Phoenix on Easter is an awesome coincidence, sacrilegious, or both.  



While waiting for the Heroes of Asgard to arrive so I could play Thor 1, I decided to dive outside the Marvel movies and do the Netflix shows and the non Marvel Marvel movies.  Starting with The Defenders.  Madlelyne Pryor was my stand-in for Sigourney Weaver's character, and she brought in the Limbo villains. I added Kun-Lun villains and The Hand henchmen to round things out.  I used the Hidden Hard of Darkness scheme which was interesting.  It adds the mastermind tactics to the villain pool.  You can win the game by attacking the mastermind with none of their tactics in the city.  Which ultimately made it an easier game than usual.  BUT, I got to use Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Punisher and Luke Cage, so I had fun.  



Next up was the first X-Men movie.  Pretty straight forward.  Magneto was trying to Convert all the Earth's Leaders to Killbots (Mutants) and he brought along the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of mutants, as well as the Hellfire Cult for henching.  Jean Grey, Cyclops, Storm, Rogue and Wolverine opposed him.  Another fun mission, the Sisterhood had a villain that ascended to be a mastermind, so you couldn't win the game without beating her down as well as Magneto.  



Last in our trip outside the MCU is X-Men First Class, chosen mostly because I could use Havoc.  I used Charles Xavier, Professor of Crime as a stand in for Shaw, as he attempted to start Nuclear Armageddon...which is honestly pretty spot on with the movie.  The Hellfire Club and Hellfire Cult joined the evil XMen Noir team as they battled against Professor X, Magneto, Mystique, Banshee and Havoc.  Sadly, the heroes lost the first time around as I didn't focus on killing the mastermind.  I tried again though and was able to pull it off the second time around.  A pretty close game honestly.  Havoc and Banshee don't really work well together.  Banshee has a neat ability called pierce which allows you to villains using their victory points as HP.  But you really need to focus on it in order to win the game with it.  Havoc requires a lot of cards with attack on them, so Banshee's cards didn't qualify.  


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Some games from the last couple weeks while my wife and I work through what we are calling our Quarantine Board Game Battle (we play the games and she picks the one she wants to play most again):



My wife's and 9yo daughter's first game of Scythe. It went well since we have played quite a few games of My Little Scythe over the years. My wife even preferred it over Clans of Caledonia.



My wife's first game of One Deck Dungeon. The majority of my games with it have been solo. Was nice to play two player but not sure if I agree with her and this one beating out Fallout in our challenge.



Fallout went well. We played co-op with the New California expansion.



Lords of Waterdeep was another new one for my wife. I also had never played in person (only the app). Great game. This one goes up against Kingdom Death. Not sure which will win.


Here is the current standing of the QBGB:






Finally, a bonus few games beyond the challenge, all with the kids:






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