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    • By nervisfr
      here is a true creation for a Polynesian army (Of God and Mortals  rules) :

      all the WIP story on my blog : 
    • By Glitterwolf
      Official WOOF's cry for help..
      Lately I've been using several water effects on larger pieces.
      This worked quite well, but I still had the problem of the stuff leaking.
      Now I want to create a water effect portion on a larger oval or round base.
      A mini will sit on a rock and there will be water around it with some marine life in it.
      Now my main problem here is, how to seal that base so I can pour resin without leaking?
      What do you use to prevent it?
      Is there some material I can buy/use to enclose a round/oval base to do this?
      I own several types of water effects, that's not the issue.
      The issue is preventing leakage so it won't ruin the base in the end.
      Anyone has experience with this?
    • By FireImp
      Here’s my next big project, a 1984 Ral Partha dragon. This old fellow was in pieces when I received him, and painted. I’ve cleaned him up, removed the old epoxy glue, pinned him back together, and tonight realized it looks like he’s rising out of the water. He needs a bigger base, which I have (75x46mm oval). But I have never done any basing, and I’d like to create a base that extends the appearance of water. I have no idea how to do that, so any and all suggestions and illustrations are welcome!

    • By Metalchaos
      Hi everyone, it is with great pleasure that I present you today my latest project. I just completed the display base for the eleven Fox Critters I painted at the beginning of the year. I used Woodland Scenics ready-made fall colors trees and Bachmann Scene Scapes spruce trees as well as various undergrowth foliage, turf, natural stones, sand and realistic water effect. The base itself is made of wood, masonite hardboard and putty. I made the benches and the tente frame with real branches. For more details see the Fox Critter Rogue Camp Diorama WIP.

      The camp fire, the two chest and all the Fox models are magnetised to the base and can easily be removed. Every Fox are from Dark Sword Miniatures and were sculpted by Dave Summers.
      Your comments are very welcome.






    • By LarsM
      Startet on this base for a Vermin Tyrant from Avatars of War. It Started out as a test piece for a later project with water effect.
      But halfway through I found out about the Water Base Competition from Massive Voodoo, and thought 'Why Not'.
      So I finished the base, and send in pictures.
      It is my first time using water effects. I chose to use the Vallejo Still Water. Partly because I thought the two-part resin types seemed quite difficult to work with, and this was not supposed to be very deep; aroun 5-10mm. And partly because that was what the local shop had.
      The water did not turn out that well, there came quite a few 'waves' around the edges and close to the rocks and things. I'm not sure if that would have been better with two-part-resin.
      I did circa 5-6 pours of the Vallejo Still Water to reach this depth.
      The painting part I'm very pleased with, not least the marble effect on the white tiles. It is a bit more visible in real life than on these photos.
      (It will problably still look rather noob-ish in the competition, but what the heck.. there is also random prices -haha).
      Edit: I should notice that the big rat is an old Ral Partha, the heads on spikes are from Avatars of War (came with the mini), and the two main tiles is from Scibor. The rest is homemade from putty, kitty litter and a piece of bark.

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