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Warhammer diorama (Pic heavy)


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A very little progress, but mostly just a couple photos of the scene. Minis is just attached with tack-thingie.. 

I have startet on the drone and a jumping Tau. 

I had to add an I-profil (?) to support the foot of the big tyranid. 


It is getting a bit cramped, but "keep it tight" they say.. Too cramped? 



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looking cool !

I don't know , but at the end..at least for the one I recently done...the photo shot is what make it or break it xD....once done you really need to make some nice photos shot of it .. which kinda scary me with my poor equipment for this haha.


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A little progress. 

Finished a control-computer thing for the machine. 

And just about finished the shooting Tau, problem about this one is is needs to be connectet to the til of the big tyranid. I think I will connectet them at the base with both parts painted and attached.. 





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Got a bit more done on the drone, Im quite happy with the color transitions, although they maybe need a bit more work. Im really gonna try my best on this one, as it is sitting on top of everything and is very vissible. 


I also painted more cracks in the floor and worked a bit on the bricks.

I startet on the ground/dirt with a blue color.. The plan was dull it down a bit. But I don't know if it is gonna be too weird with blue-is dirt..any opinions? 


Thanks for looking and feel free to comment, crittiq and suggest. 








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More progress.

Im done with the Drone. ..and when I see these pictures I see so many flaws.. But in general I am happy with it. I might go back and do a few touch ups.

I am quite happy about the battle marks, I think they went better than on the Tau.


I'm not quite sure about the exhausts, should they be more white? I gave them a slight yellow, to indicate heat..but Im not sure they are bright enough. Any opinions?







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