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Impromptu classes/ get togethers

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Last year was my first ReaperCon, so I can't speak with 100% certainty. But there were a lot of free-use tables around all weekend that people used to paint, socialize, etc.  That kind of impromptu gathering seems to be one of the favored activities at ReaperCon. :)

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There are people painting all over the place. Paints shared, basing supplies mingled, cookies eaten, and shop talk galore.


And before @Corporea can mention it (ha! Preemptive ninja!), any of the artists on Artist’s Row are happy to do little impromptu discussions about what you’re trying to do. And if they aren’t familiar enough with that, or aren’t comfortable, they can introduce you to another artist who does.


But sitting at a table and getting comments from others, or even buttering up someone you saw do something cool on a figure is something that does happen. Mileage may vary a bit on attendees in general, but I’d wager anybody in the forums won’t have a problem discussing things. 

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In the evenings at the old hotel there was the outdoor fireplace. Not sure if the new hotel will have an equivalent area. Basically a place to gather, socialize, drink (optional), and relax. There were also gaming and painting groups indoors.

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On 7/14/2018 at 5:36 PM, emmagine said:

Christie (The rainbow sculptor) and I are always down to sit around and swap tips and tricks.    We've found that to be true of most people in the couple years we have been attending.

It's really the after hours stuff im looking forward to. Im not going to get to take alot off classes do I'm looking forward to the in between times and meeting people and learning things from them. Really want to learn more about basing as ive never really done any but want to, and nmm and osl. Also any other tips and tricks I can learn!

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