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I've been working on him off and on for a few months now. My goal was to get him as close as possible to the promotional art of him, (which Chrome is fighting me on posting, as my ref pics aren't on google drive...) which was an intimitating mix of red, brown and grey that reads as black. 




The browns are Ebony Skin mixed with Stormy Gray in varying amounts, the lighter spots are a light drybrush of Buckskin Pale to represent dust. 

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I've seen (what I assume is) the original artwork; I think you did pretty darn good on him!

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      Printed in our graphic novel format and available in Limited Edition hardcover, this game will take you to the terrifying edges of space and time!
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      It ain't the first Flash Gordon RPG. It ain't the first Rocketships and Rayguns RPG. In fact, it's not completely an RPG; you need the Savage Worlds rules to play. But durned if I'm not interested, and they're talking miniatures for sale as well. This is one I'd like to see do pretty well; I'm in...

      KICKSTARTER: Flash Gordon for Savage Worlds!
    • By ced1106
      Asher Cobb from the Savage Worlds Sixth Gun RPG miniatures set. Other miniatures from the defunct Itar's Workshop. Paints and basing material by the Army Painter.

      "A mysterious 9 foot tall mummy bent on reviving his lost love in life. Asher wanders the South as a puppet to dark forces in "The Sixth Gun"" -- Comic Vine

      "Asher Cobb was born deformed. He was oversized, which made him an outcast. To add to that, he also received visions. Visions of the future. He was befriended only by a nice girl named Ruth who he fell in love with. One day he received a terrible vision of Ruth’s death. So to prevent the death of the girl he loved, he sought out some old witches and made a devil’s bargain to cheat death. But to do that, he had to endure death."  -- Paxholley.net

      He also had to wear pale red clothing. Which I found very annoying. And, no, that's not his coffin. Tutorial in the RPGGeek Sixth Gun forums!

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