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Templar's Forge: Miercendise


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Backing Templar's Forge: Miercendise is a great opportunity to get hold of some superb Mierce Miniatures merchandise or to ensure your Darklands hosts have all the gaming aids they need!


Pledging for the Miercendise reward nets you one each of the following branded items (you can increase your pledge by the amount indicated if you just want those bits, or want to add more):

  • T-Shirt (choice of S,M,L,XL,XL,XXL) - £20
  • Beanie Hat - £10
  • Pint Glass (568ml) - £10
  • Pint Tankard Glass (568ml) - £15
  • Jumbo Mug (465ml) - £10
  • Bottle Opener Keyring - £2
  • Black Pen - £2
  • Black Dry-Wipe Marker Pen - £2
  • Dice Pouch - £5
  • Stuff Pouch (ideal for both dice and templates, etc.) - £7.50
  • Tokens Tin (great for storing your order tokens, exult and dismay tokens in) - £7.50
  • 3m Tape Measure - £5
  • A0 size Darklands Poster - £7.50
  • A0 size The Lands of Darkness Poster - £7.50
  • A0 size Concept Art Poster (the concept is your choice) - £7.50

If you purchase the Miercendise + Morag reward, you'll also get the strictly limited edition resin miniature Morag of Mann sculpted by Bob Plociennik!

Morag of Mann, project exclusive hero! Morag of Mann, project exclusive hero!

Morag is an adaptable sell-sword able to fight for any kindred with axe, harpoon or invocation! You can see her profile in the Sell-Swords Muster, here:

  • Sell-Swords Muster v1.15

She'll come in a numbered blister pack, too - and be warned: purchasing this reward is the only way you'll ever get your hands on this Morag miniature. She'll never be available anywhere else, ever ever ever!


Templar's Forge is Mierce Miniatures' hobby range and it produces a superb range of hobby products, including bases, dice, tokens, templates, markers and much more. This range is mostly intended for use with Darklands but it can be used for other wargames, and this project introduces some fantastic Mierce Miniatures merchandise too - what we call miercendise!



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Top Posters In This Topic

Rob wasn't even thinking about doing a KS project, but the fans kind of talked him into it.  Not a big miniatures one, but for "stuff".  As for the business itself, they've acquired their own production quality 3D printer and reportedly will bring metal production in-house sometime soon too.

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I've gotten everything I'm supposed to from Mierce thus far.  I really don't see them having more sales than any other miniature company does trying to get product out the door.  They do more Kickstarters, sure, but its starting to feel like they are making the turn from KS only to a more stable set up.. 

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