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Cerberus Studios - Detailed 32mm Resin Fantasy Miniatures


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Cerberus Studios Logo Cerberus Studios Logo

Who are we?

Hello and welcome to our Kickstarter.

We are a small UK miniature design studio born out of a love for all things fantasy and the spark of an idea.  We wanted to create a world with a wealth of characters and storylines that immerse and captivate you... so for the last year we have been working on bringing the first of a large range of miniatures/characters to life. 

We have been completely self funded to get to this point and will aim to move forward with the money raised to deliver our next selection of characters and beasts. It is our intention, with your help, to use any raised funds towards 3D printing, casting, packaging and the distribution of this range.

The profits will go towards the realisation of a strong character cast, each developing into their own unique part in our story and becoming miniatures in their own right.

If the kickstarter goes beyond our expectations we will expand, creating new miniatures, game designs, and employ more artists to help realise our world and bring it to you.

Our World and Characters

As with any good story you need heroes and villains and that's exactly where we started.

All of these characters form the introductory model range to our story and miniature line up.

Character Cast Character Cast

From left to right:

  • The Veiled Emissary
  • Lazarus
  • The Kyrios
  • The Slaver

The Miniatures:

Each of our cast are conceptualised and developed, blending backgrounds and storylines to link our characters. Using a talented team of artists, the artwork and 3D renders are created to build the foundation of the miniature we present to you.

Each of our designs is prototyped using 3D print technology, allowing us to have highly detailed moulds for the resin miniatures that we hope you will enjoy.

3D Printed example - The Veiled Emissary 3D Printed example - The Veiled Emissary

The Completed Renders & Miniatures for you

  • Miniature 1- THE VEILED EMISSARY

Our main villain: a 32mm resin highly detailed miniature

The Veiled Emissary The Veiled Emissary
The Veiled Emissary The Veiled Emissary



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